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The Flow Of Gratefulness

I am blessed in many ways. For years people have been flying me all over the world to entertain people from every walk of life. Its as if this has always been my destiny in life and it just keeps on materializing from every direction. I am completely humbled by the force of it.

  This weekend I traveled to Costa Rica. I had been in Central America before, however, I was not able to see it because my time was limited. At the time I was singing on a cruise ship. This time was different. I arrived by plane with about 11 other people and we truly had a wonderful time. When I travel, I am committed to focus on the details of that particular place and to learn as much as possible from the natives. I can say without a doubt, that these are some of the happiest people that I have ever seen. They are so polite and so intent on showing you a great time.

   There was food and alcohol everywhere!Whatever you desired, it was there for the taking. As I looked outside of my window at some monkeys …