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The Purple One Ascends

This is a posting that I never thought that I would ever be writing. I am amazed almost daily at how fragile life is and how none of us can run from its ultimate decision to take us down. I was intensely inspired by His Purple Badness. It began when I saw Purple Rain for the first time. It was raw and very simple to watch. The plot was easy to understand and you almost felt like you were in the room with him during certain scenes. I was young, therefore, the parts of the film that were  bit sexual made my blood race. I had not been exposed to anything that could give me a proper reference to what I was seeing. Either way, I was drawn in and I knew that it would never end.

   Watching this force of a man and master musician on the screen that seemed to make his own rules was mesmerizing to me. To put it bluntly, it moved me beyond measure. I never wanted to be him, I just wanted to release as much of my musical energy as he did. I wanted to give people the jet fuel that he did. I wan…

He Sang A Dead Song / Cutting Corners

When you are traveling on a NYC subway, anything can happen. People will sing, dance, recite poems, give out free information, ask for food, give food, throw up, or any other number of things that will mostly likely catch you off guard if you are not a New Yorker. I have to admit, today was a day that I "was" surprised by what took place on the train. I heard it with my own two ears and it was full of happiness and release.

   As I rode on the train today, I heard the conductor singing a popular Grateful Dead song that made the ride so much more interesting. I was in the front of the train and he was singing so loud that I could hear him quite clearly. The door to the main conductor was about 5 feet from me. All that I could hear was a happy man singing at the top of his lungs. I believe that this was the first time that I had actually heard the driver of a NYC train just singing at the top of his voice. It was magical, freeing, moving, and most of all very contagious.