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The Clarity From The Conflict

Have you ever watched someone go through something and just become so thankful that you were on the outside and not on the actual stage? It happens to all of us for sure, and the lesson is usually a very big one. I am sure that no one wants to see anyone particularly hurt, it's just that we really need to see it happening to someone else at times to truly get our attention.

   If you have ever seen a person getting a ticket for something that they knew they should not have done, the change in attitude is almost instantaneous. I was inside of a restaurant and I watched a man come in after parking right in the front of this place. I noticed that he was the only car there, and then I realized that the sign said that there was no standing or parking at any time. I am guessing in NYC that the ticket was for about $185 if I know my city the way that I think I do. This was not looking good for him.

   He bolted out of the restaurant when he saw the cop and he pleaded with him. Unfortu…

When you know.....

When you know someone cares.
When you know you love someone.
When you know it's gonna work out.
When you know it's not right.
When you know it's not real.
When you know you can do better.
When you know they are not being truthful..
When you know there is more to come.
When you know you are playing small.
When you know your mind is playing you.
When you know they don't care for you.
When you know, that you know.

Isn't it so pleasurable? Just to know in your gut?


That One Thing

I love to hear others swimming around in their happy state. It's that moment when something happens to a person that you love, care for, or respect, and they let you in to share it with them. It can be everything from getting a new car to getting a promotion and everything in between. We are supposed to celebrate each others successes in my book. When we do this, I can honestly say that it gives us more of a suit of armor to deal with the world and all that is unexpected that creeps up on us. If we celebrate others, we celebrate the potential within us simultaneously.

  Tonight I received a call from a person that I highly respect. His spirit and happiness dripped through the phone line instantly. He asked me to guess who came to his presentation tonight that completely floored him? I answered a celebrity at first, but then I realized that it was so obvious who arrived there tonight. The person who showed up was his wife. She had not come to one of his presentations in over 7 ye…

In A Magazine / Xavier Dphrepaulezz (Fantastic Negrito)

Ahhhhhhhh, I had a nice hiatus from writing for about a week right? Has it been that long? Well, I am resetting a bit right now in my life, so it makes sense for me to take that liberty. Anyhow, I was thinking about people in magazines today. Ever since I was a young boy, I have thought of what it would be like to be in a magazine. Obviously, my viewpoint has changed a little bit, so it's not as much of a big thing anymore. The Internet has brought visibility to a whole other level. To be in a magazine that ravels all around the world is a huge responsibility. Could I handle it if it happened to me? I may in fact find out one day. I will let you know how it goes.

   I read many magazines per month. I have about 6 subscriptions which takes all of the hassle out of buying magazines from the newsstand. They all come to me at my house. I am always excited when I see a new title arrive and I love to read on the train or in a park or any where that I deem to be cozy. As I look throug…