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Tiny Interactions With Big Meaning

Today was a day of magical conversations. I call them magical because each one of them left me grateful in a different way. I just left each one thinking and smiling from the inside. I do not take any conversations for granted and most often, I hear things that I do not even relay to the person who says them. I process the conversation and then maybe at another time, I let them know what it meant to me. In the moment, many times its too fresh and too soon.

  One conversation was with a friend that I have known for many years. Our friendship has endured many storms, mostly ones that were not between us directly. They involved things that we went through singularly, but shared and got through as a unit. Today I spoke with him, he told me that something I had said many years before had helped him through a crisis recently. I was beside myself with grateful energy. I was humbled and I could hear the sincerity in his voice. He thought he was calling to tell me a story and to let me know …

Parameters, Repercussions, And The Respect Of Them

I have been a bit quiet as I marinate, contemplate, and overall negotiate my mind through some challenges of late. That was such and epic rhyme that I truly did not mean to give birth to. I have many things on my mind and I had hit a wall of confusion as it relates to writing about it. I am slowly returning back to myself and taking in some very important lessons in life. What a ride this thing we call living is. I am on the right path though. Do you know how I know? Because all of life is an ebb and flow. Even the people who seem to never hit a wall or be overwhelmed, are dealing with many things that they are probably hiding and not making public.

    Today I have a topic on my mind that deals with integrity. Doing things when you say that you will and owning it if you do not. I have very high integrity and have broken it from time to time. However, my wins have been much greater than my losses when it comes to this 9 letter sugary, yet bitter sweet word. I was tested today as …

When You Have Never Been There, So You Don't Know

I truly believe there is magic in not knowing. Let me be clear, when I say not knowing, I mean when you really do not know what it is like to experience something. If you have never jumped out of an airplane, you won't know until you do it. If you have never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, you won't know how it feels until you do it. If you have never had the experience of going to buy a car with cash without thinking about the price, you will never know until it happens. I think you get my point. However, this posting is about not knowing how someone feels because you have not gone through what they have gone through. I am about to go in.

   All of our experiences shape us throughout our lives. I am sure that not one person would disagree with this. It gets complicated though when we are faced with another person's demons and we have no idea how to process it. Do we stay quiet and let the vibe take shape? Do we challenge it from our perspective even though we are co…