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The Call That Made A Difference

It's true that we are all wrapped up in our little corner of the world. We have things to pay attention to, chores to complete, passions to chase after. The thing is, it seems that we get so much satisfaction from tending to the business of others. I say that in a positive and a not so positive way. When it comes to tabloids and major gossip sights, I feel that it drains us after a while. However, when it comes to just reaching out to others and letting them know that you stand for them, it could not happen enough. You are peering into their lives for good reason.

  In two days I received a text from an angel of a friend and an actual call from a family member. Now this family member is one of my all time favorites. I remember them from when I was a little child and they have treated me the same ever since. When I saw the name on the phone, I knew why they were calling. I had a challenging week last week and they were calling me to make sure that I was doing fine and to tell m…

The Voices Of Our Friends

In times that are less than favorable, we can always tell who are the people that really care for us beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's the questions that they ask. It's that way that they call or show up unannounced and just make their presence known. It's their overwhelming way of just keeping it highly authentic. None of our challenges are any different than other people, we just think that what we are going through is unique. I guarantee you that if everyone were required to voice all of their struggles, it would be very eye opening.

   Those who we place on a pedestal in our lives know us. They can hear it after you first sentence and then they just go in. It's so funny because most times we swear that we are hiding it. We think that we can act our way out of being found out. It does not work like this at all. What I also find is that when we are having a difficult time, it's our friends that normally do not have enough faith for themselves, that will muster …

Hadiiya / We Both Showed Up

In our amazing world of technology, we have access to many people. They are not hidden at all. We have most of their personal information right in front of us in places like Facebook and Instagram. I sometimes peruse Instagram or Pinterest and just click on anything or anyone that grabs my attention. One day I came across a woman that was extremely colorful and vibrant and just bubbling with so much creativity. She was in different places in her postings and she seemed to always be making other people look good, twirling around in a circle with a hula hoop, or lying on a beach in some exotic location. She seemed to be a specialist as it relates to hair and beauty and she called her hair creations "crowns".

   I loved how this woman showed up on the page. She was inspiring and open and free. It was nothing for her to post pictures of her significant other or any one of her wildly talented children either on any day of the week. I certainly have a strong respect for people …

The Art Of Shedding The Tangible / Situational Therapy

I have been in a tunnel for about four days. I have mentioned the room that I was cleaning out and it has been completely cleared out of all of its contents. In this room were things that were a part of me so to speak. There were things of value and things that would be of no value to most people for sure. There were memories of loved ones that made a difference to me during the time that we were in the same geographical zone. There were many tangible items that had enormous potential that I never got to push forward. There were also things that I had completely forgotten about. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. In general, things that are not in motion, usually tend to stay that way. This is something that I wholeheartedly believe without a doubt.

     As I went through all of my things, I came to many epiphanies. I am a total bibliophile to say the very least. I have books from almost twenty years ago. They still feed me and make my life glow on so many levels. I a…