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The Things That You Require To Achieve Happiness

I have watched and watched and watched my mind as it jumps for joy and as it retreats in ridicule of itself. I have watched others and what they seem to require as well. Obviously, the latter is just for sport because we are all wired so very differently. I would not want to mirror any one person's thought or actions for any length of time in this lifetime. I thrive on my unique viewpoint. It's not unique because I am so wonderful, it's unique because I am human and there is not even one other person on earth that thinks exactly like me. I am humbled by this.

    So when I speak of things, I am speaking of actual, tangible things. In the past few days I have been undergoing a massive cleanse on so many levels. But first and foremost, I have been getting rid of things that I have had in my life for over 10 years in some cases. Why is this important you ask? It's important because I am thoroughly convinced that many of the things that I have held onto have in some way…

One Song / Feng Shui Part 2

I had to drop off a set of keys to a great friend and highly consummate musician this evening. He does an open mic night in a hip and happening club on the upper west side of Manhattan. I love being in a club where there is live music. The smell of the different perfumes, body oils, and culinary fare is so stimulating to my brain. It's exciting to be in a room where all of the instruments are being played and the energy is so mellow and easy as well.

    As I said, I was merely there to drop off some keys. But then my good friend asked me to do a song. I declined at first, but then my other friend who was also plays there asked me as well. I was humbled to say the least. These two are brilliant musicians. I love what they do. One is a guitarist,one is a bass player. Their talents are colossal. I can never properly describe how good it feels to interface with excellent musicians. It's what elevates me from the inside.

      I called an artist that I loved out to the guitar…

Feng Shui Knowledge / Opening

I am not a Feng Shui expert. However, I have read on it for a couple of years and something that it said stuck out in my mind. It specifically said that the bottom left corner of your home as you enter is the personal growth and cultivation area. Now this was very interesting to me because that room in my apartment is the room that no one sees except me. It has all sorts of things to touch in it. I have metal, wood, glass, frames, jewelry, photography equipment, and so much more. That is the positive side of the room. The downside is that I have been amassing all of these jewels and then I acquired so much stuff that I could not properly walk into the room! This has been a problem as I am sure you can understand.

   For the last two days I have been focused on its contents and I have shaved it down quite a bit. I am confident that I have shifted something in me so profoundly, that I am about to be exposed to something that will truly push me to the next level of creativity. As I ha…