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Can You Measure Love?

When people speak of love, they are all coming from different perspectives. We give love and receive love differently as well. Think of the times when someone loved you so hard that it almost crushed you. It may not have felt that great to you because you were possibly feeling a little bit different. You loved them as well, but it just felt different to you. So what is an effective way to measure love? I do not have this answer.

   There is a book entitled, "The 5 Love languages". In it the book explains how love is expressed in 5 different ways and how we all seem to gravitate to one in particular. Then as you read it, you start to understand a little bit better how your heart works and how you can open it up more to people in general. This is such a heart opening thing that happens if you should allow it. I am sure it's different for each heart of course. This is something that requires a bit of stepping into the unknown I guess.

    In the grand scheme of things, I …

Learning Languages / As They Work At Holding On

I listened to a podcast today from one of my absolute favorite guys of all time. His name is Timothy Ferris and he is always taking it to the next level. The podcast was a conversation with a man named Luis Von Ahn from Guatemala. In short, he started an app and I believe a site as well called Duolingo. He also invented CAPTCHA. If you are not familiar with that, its the thing that makes you type in that group of words or symbols to make sure that you are not a robot. This makes it harder for people to buy to many tickets for concerts and so forth and so on. We have all been tripped up by that at least once.Anyhow, Duolingo was started to give people a free way to learn languages. I thought that this was phenomenal. Of course it always is when one person does something that will lift up many in the future. He was explaining how in most of Europe, learning more languages is almost directly related to getting out of poverty. He also said that the majority of them are trying to learn E…

Is Life Short?

I had a verbal joust with a very good friend today. He was explaining to me that life is short and why. We went back and forth in a very friendly way and I challenged him a little bit by saying that if life is short, then how many years has he been on the earth? We went forward and backwards on some points and we agreed that we both understood the concept of not knowing how long we would be here. That is the truth for sure. The thing is though, it seems that we say that things are short in time or even in distance that we can fully track. If you know a movie is only 30 minutes long, then you can say that it is short. If you know that you are only going to be in the sauna for 10 minutes and then you are going to leave, then you can say that it will be a short sauna. I think that you feel me.

   So we hear about people dying young all of the time. However, in your opinion, what is dying young? Is it 14? 23? 56? Or maybe even 89? This is different from person to person. If a person ha…

In Service To Many

Today was a day for others. It was not because of a holiday or a special thing happening, or anything like that. It was just necessary for me to direct my mind in another direction so that I could be calmer and more at ease. Life has a way of throwing many challenges in your direction at the same time as you are evolving to the next level. I believe this with all of my heart and soul. It's when the pieces seem to be falling apart a little bit here and there that we are just getting a nudge from the universe that we will soon be skipping down a different path.

   I spent the morning purging a few things and feeling so very cleansed and relaxed about letting them go. Tangible items can tell us so much about who we are and who we have been in the past. I picked up a few things today that just have not pushed me forward nor stretched me at all. I asked myself why I was holding on to them and then I just let them go. I am blessed with so many things that have a story or hold a certa…


Going to outer space?
Making a million dollars? Marrying the love of your life? Running a marathon successfully? Learning to speak 3 other languages? Taking one year to travel to every US state? Writing a book? Starting a business? Getting rid of all debt? Taking one day to take care of you?
Are these things unrealistic?  No. None of them are.  What's unrealistic is living unhappy, under your potential, and afraid to soar..
Just looking out for you.