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The Invisible Vegan Burger Conversation Starter

I had to go in with this title. So I was in a small cafe/coffee shop not too far from my house. I come to this place from time to time for the minimalist atmosphere and the very clean and healthy food. When I entered the cafe, the owner and one of my favorite waiters of all time were at the front counter together. We greeted each other and exchanged some whimsical banter and then I ordered. I usually order the same thing if I am not there for brunch, but today I decided to take a leap to the unknown. I ordered the vegan burger that is home made on the premises. This is where it all started.

   After I sat down at a sun drenched stool that was facing a gorgeous and crisp day, I decided to change seats because each person that opened the door blessed me with more breeze than I cared to be given. I changed seats and actually sat at a two person table behind the door. This was more comfortable and I began to take out some reading material. I read a chapter or to of a book and then befo…

The Power Of Thank You / Young Excitement

I read a few chapters of a business book today called, "Appreciation Marketing." I stumbled across a few stories about people and about how the most successful people had a gratitude attitude in common. It talked about how they were so connected to their people and how much they showed gratitude on a daily basis. This concept is one of my top 5 things to do and to speak about, so I was excited to be reading this. The stories were so rich and so on point. 

    As I closed the book because my train stop had come, I started to think about the frequency of use of these two words and my own examples from my own life. I guess almost every parent that I know has told their children a million times to say thank you when something is given to you or done for you. It's the ultimate parental statement on many levels. Then I thought of how I genuinely love to use these words as much as I can, whenever I can. They certainly leave a mark and just let people know that they are not forgo…

The Salary Of A Leader

Not every person can lead. The job just doesn't fit everyone. To lead you must be cut from a different fabric. Leaders get shot at daily. They have much more responsibility than others, and they also are under constant scrutiny. So why would someone aspire to be placed in such a hot stove as a profession? That could be answered in many ways, however, I will just say for now, that some people are just born with that hunger.

   I am writing this posting because of the scrutiny that I have seen over the past 4 or 5 years or so that has been connected to those who lead large church congregations. Just for the record, this is not a religious posting, nor will I make any judgements or attempt to dissect the religious community. Each person has their own path and I respect anyone that has the conviction to go after the thing that they love or feel called upon to accomplish.

   Tonight I was sent a video of a pastor that was being investigated for suspicion that his money was being spe…

In Praise Of Transition

We are all susceptible to change in our lives. I have been very humbled and grateful for the many changes that have taken place for me throughout my life. It is said that some of the hardest decisions in life are made for you. In other words, if you wait to long to make a decision, it is sometimes made for you. That being said, I have also learned that many times we become like that monkey who sticks his hand in the hole to get the banana, only to realize that because of the shape of the banana, he may never get to eat it. Do you get where I am going with this?

   In short, I am saying that some paths just run their course and then we have to turn in another direction and start again. Preferably where there is more light and more space to become stronger and open to the new. This can apply to anything from relationships, business dealings, emotions, and even friends. It goes without saying that we have to experience this over and over and over again in this life. No one gets a pass…

Being Tested And Owning It

Well, I will go straight into this with no filter. I am being tested right now. There are some specific people that for some reason need to see how far they can push me. I will not give the details here for many reasons, however, I am truly being tested. In my life thus far, I have been tested many times over and each time I have made it through with some of the most valuable lessons that any human being could hope to have. This does not mean that they all ended well, they just left me stronger.

  I referenced the tight chest a blog or so ago. It visited me again tonight. I will deal with it in a very passive way because it would love nothing more than to control me and make me its slave. However, it is my choice whether to allow that or not. I am not invincible to the hits, however, I am a diligent student on how to circumvent them. The number one rule is, it's only personal if you allow it to be. Then and only then is it personal. It does sting though, it stings to the core.


Sitting On A Lottery Ticket

As you read this title, what comes to your mind? Is it a person that is in your life? Is it something that you own that is worth more money than you can tell anyone about? Maybe it's a secret that could change the lives of everyone that is close to you? It does not matter what comes to mind, but it does matter that you have something that powerful. I was taken aback when I heard this sentence uttered today.

  Just recently, a big lottery jackpot was dispersed between some people here in the United States. I followed it and I even bought a ticket. Gambling is completely not my thing. I do not believe in it wholeheartedly enough to place any consistent energy towards it. I just knew that if I won, many people would have been blessed beyond belief. I have gambled maybe 4 times in my entire life as it relates to actual monetary gain. I have gambled outside of money several hundreds of times for sure. I have gone after things that others would just laugh about for sure. I have place…