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Good Day, I Am The Resistance

Well, we have all been there once or twice or thrice. I have always wanted to use that word in a sentence. The moment when something inside of us is resisting doing something or someone on the outside is creating the resistance for us. It's tricky, it's a bit draining, it's a bit unnatural. We usually meet with it like we meet up with cat that darts in front of us or even a car that suddenly cuts us off at an intersection. So what can we do in this moment? How do we handle it effectively without damaging ourselves? Well, most times it vanishes and we are left with a few scrapes, and other times it repeats again and again like an old grandfather clock that has reached 12 o'clock.

   Have you ever known a person that carries around hurt from years ago? They talk about it constantly and it is always their go to in most conversations where stress is the subject. They are convinced that what happened back then is creating each and every moment right now and they have no …

Crazy Man On A Train

You all know that I write this blog in NYC by this time. I could probably write three blogs a day with no problem with all of the things that I see daily. This city has the cream of the crop providers of entertainment that does not require buying a Broadway ticket on any day. I mean the diversity of people and the methods of transportation and so many other factors, take this city into overdrive each and every day.

   Many time when I enter the train, there is something in progress that makes me stop and look or listen. Today it was first a trio of excellent singers who serenaded the train with some Motown flare. I give a donation most times, however, today was not that day. As they moved closer to my side of the train and finished their number, I was reading a magazine. I smiled and acknowledged their talent, but for some reason, my gut did not allow me to reach into my pockets for them. With about maybe 20 seconds to go before the doors opened at the next stop, I heard one of the…

Tight Chest Moments

You are speaking to someone either on the phone or in person. They are not seeing things in a way that is supportive of your soul or theirs for that matter most times. They are combatant on every level. You may make an attempt to soften the blow for them as your heart begins to beat faster, however, they stand their ground and continue to push you to the edge of sanity. They are on one page and you are on another. Mediation is necessary, but it is nowhere to be found.

   I have come to believe that many people have ingrained deficits that cannot be changed no matter what you do or how carefully you approach them. So when that moment comes and you realize that you cannot stop the bullet that has already been shot from the gun, you have to choose how you will let it hit you, or duck ever so quickly.

    We have all done many things in life that we would not do if we could somehow rewind the tape. However, there is no tape and there is not rewind button. The controls only say FORWARD,…

Grammy Talk

I enjoyed the Grammys this year for a few good reasons. The singers were powerful and the performances were full of meaning and purpose. The thing that I do not like is how quick everyone is to criticize some of the big names. This evening is about popularity and who you know in my opinion. Who is the best of the best? It is a personal choice. There were at least two categories that I felt should have been won by other artists. However, it is not up to me at all. There were big names on stage as well as in the audience. Each and every one of them would have been happy to have gone
home with a trophy. The raw truth is that everyone cannot win. It is set up like that.

     The high point of the night, or should I say the most teachable moment for me, was when Adele sang and there were obvious sound issues. The piano mic had fallen onto one of the strings of the piano. Therefore the sound was nothing short of horrendous and she had to deal with it. Her face changed slightly durin…

G. Porter / The Day Of V / Signs

I went to a concert last evening. It was to see an artist that I admire more than I can put into words. His name is Gregory Porter . He is a kind souls who is warm and full of calm and insightful energy. I have been listening to his music for about 2 years now or so. I was introduced to him by listening to some random Cd's that were given to me by a friend who was at the time working for a small record label. I remember how I felt when I played the CD for the first time. Some music just grabs you and just forces you to listen without giving you a moment to do anything else. Actually, its even deeper than that. It's the voice that sometimes feels like it's speaking directly to you. That is what I felt when I heard him for the first time.

    There was an opening act as well. This young woman came out and was a bit off balance it seemed. I loved her voice and her demeanor. The way that she was just there with only a microphone and her emotions transformed into melodies wi…