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Happy For Them / Racism Gets A Pass

When was the last time that you were so happy for someone that you forgot about yourself? I mean so happy for them that you just wanted to just smile as big as you could and then you did. That happened to me tonight as I watched my good friend on national television tonight for her debut on Conan. It made me feel proud and and it made me feel that there is once again always possibility fro each and every one of us. Being in the music business, I meet so many people that don't share support for others. The creatives in this world will all prosper more if they support each other.

   I actually know some people that I feel are not on this channel at all. I will not mention them at all here on this platform, but I study them and their actions from time to time just to be clear as to how not to treat others. I think that we all know that most of those people are not even supportive of themselves, so how can we expect them to have that for others?

   Just yesterday I was leaving the …

The Can / Ellen

As I rode the subway almost daily, I see people eating, drinking, and handling things that need to be disposed of sooner or later. There was a time that there were lots more trash cans for you to throw garbage in, and now there are less. After doing just a little bit of research, I found out the reason. many places were experiencing more rats and so forth on the platforms because of the garbage bins. I mean if you were a rat, wouldn't you rush to the place that you were certain would have something to eat? It just makes sense.

  The fact of the matter is that it is not hard to throw garbage into a trash can. Even waiting to throw it away until you get out of the station is not that hard at all. So why is it that the number one cause of tracks fires in NYC is litter? I say that the issue is purely the fact that people don't think that they are seen when they do it. However, now there are cameras everywhere. I know you can get fined, but I have never seen it happen to anyone. …

They Talk

When you are not around, did you know that they talk? 
     They know your ways and your dealings so well.
     Their perspective on you are quite different than you may think.
     I mean don't get me wrong, it's not the end of the world. 

     When you tell them it's private, do they listen?
     Do they say it anyways and tell the next person not to tell?
     Are you sure to guard their secrets, or do they deserve to be exposed?
     This doesn't all make sense right? It also doesn't have to rhyme.

     As he spoke to me about another with such confidence, I sat and wondered.
     Is he only telling me this or am I being ridiculed on another call the same way?
     I trust his words deep inside because I hold myself to a high standard.
     Some of the things that I know could crush a few people. I won't tell.

     You trust some and still realize that it could all fall apart if they talk. 
     It's like an iceberg that stays strong until one day without notice it …

Avoiding The Blow Out

I can only say that this will be a topic that will always be spoke about. Those moments when someone pushes you to that place that really could go south. In that particular moment, you are taking deep breaths at twice the normal rate and there usually is no one close by that can help you if things get rough. Conveniently, I have made a pledge to not be negative or to complain about anything for the next 7 days straight. I am not a complainer normally anyway, however, the universe tested me within five minutes of me waking today.

   This difficulty had to do with business. The person emailed me and told me that he was not going to do something that he promised that he would do. This had a financial thread connected to it as well. He was nonchalant about his choice of words and I was not amused to say the very least. However, I caught myself about to go in and then I puled it back. As I have learned in the past, you catch more bees with honey and I was about to pour some. I was care…

Creation Is Freedom

What can you create? Can you create something tonight in the privacy of your own home? The answer is absolutely yes. I have done it many times in the past and I intend to do it many more times in the future. I am not any better than the next person, however, I am quite diligent when it comes to creation. Now, how creative a person is can be interpreted in so many ways. Actually, it's always an opinion that someone has in all seriousness. You may think Warhol or Basquiat, Dali, or Madonna are all highly creative. However, many other people may think all of those people are frauds. They could all be right in their own minds. That is just how it is.

   Today I watched some videos of a man who lives in Miami that has created so many things online to help and educate people and it inspired me. It will always be up to us to create anything. You always can be very sure that you have good people around you when they ask you why you have not done something like what they see when they l…