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So You Think You Can Be A Friend?

Ahhhhhhhh yes. We all have friends on some level right? But what does it mean really and truly to be a good one? Are you at liberty to say what you feel at any time? Can you offer your knowledge without sounding preachy or smug? What about the things that upset you? Can you bring any of them up at any time? These are just a few questions that swim through my mental aquarium almost daily.

   The journey of our lives puts us in contact with many different calibers of friends and we learn from all of them whether we choose to or not. I actually think that the ones who challenge us the most are the ones who prepare us for the ones that come along with the least resistance. In other words, we get to know what we don't want in a friend. Don't get me wrong though, this is not a posting with any anger or disdain for any particular person. This posting is about the things that go on in our own heads as it relates to what and who we are being to our closest friends.

    It had been s…

Extra Skills

Well, you never know when someone is going to call upon you to do something that you normally don't do. For example, if you are playing a certain sport and you play the same position each and very time. You could be a chef and pretty much cook the same amazing dishes all of the time. You could even be a master linguist and be fluent in 4 different languages. This is all well and good until that person calls upon you to do something that you may have never done. Does this cause you to run for cover or to start getting tougher on yourself to make that person and yourself proud?

   I have been in this situation several ties in my life and I like to have fun with it when it happens. I remember quite sometime ago I was asked if I knew how to sing a few songs in Italian for a special gig. Now I had sung in Italian before, however, I had only sung a few numbers at that point. This was also many years ago, so I was a bit hesitant to say yes. However, at the last moment, I said that I c…

Constant Gut Talk / Studio Heaven

We all know when our gut is talking right? You would think that most people did by now. However, we all pass it off as something else from time to time. The problem is, that when we do that, generally we pay and we pay dearly.

   Today I was supposed to attend a wedding at City Hall in a town many miles away. I pulled out at the last moment because I was going to being driven there by another attendee and I had a strange feeling that I may have a hiccup getting back on time, based on the passed few days of harsh weather and train and bus cancellations and so forth. I had an appointment that I could not have been late for at all. Not to mention that almost everyone else would have not been in a hurry to leave. I didn't want to put anyone out. I have learned that if you cannot control when you arrive or leave from an event, it's best not to schedule anything before or after it. This rule has kept me from being late many times in a row.

    I decided to take the day slow and b…

People Creating Magic / The Sweet Spot

Tonight I watched 60 minutes and it really moved me. This show always pushes my soul when I watch it. Tonight's show highlighted people who are making a difference around the world. They featured The Make A Wish Foundation, A singing group from Harlem, as well has a story about a select few billionaires who agreed to give away half of their fortunes to change people's lives for the better through education, food, housing, and many other avenues. The perspectives that they had were compelling and it was so nice to see people who have more than enough on all levels give back. Side note, this project was started by Bill Gates and his wife. Not a surprise, I know.

   The entire show, people were giving of themselves and just elated with the smiles and happiness that were on the other side of it. I watched it and was once again reminded of how almost nothing that I am currently dealing with can come close to matching up with the day to day struggles of most people in this life. …