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All About The Weather

Years ago there was a song that said, "everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you." I never forgot that line. It was of course speaking of our attitudes and what happens when we interface with each other. Today was a day that Mother Nature took control and halted almost everything. The snowfall hit about 15 - 20 inches I believe. There were almost no cars all day on my street and it was glorious. I have nothing against cars or people for that matter. The interesting thing though, was watching those who just went with it. They got their children bundled up and took to the park with their sleds, boogie boards, skis, and anything else that could navigate the elements. There are always lessons inside of Mother Nature's doings.

     When people cannot drive, take the train, bus, or even walk swiftly, their energy is bound to shift. I watched it from my window, as well as being out in the park for all of one hour or so. It seems that the dogs were beyond happy…

Thank You Len Xiang

Today on the train, I met a calm and talented soul. I gave him a five dollar bill because he walked into the train and within 5 minutes, he changed the energy. I was reading a book moments before he entered and the woman that was sitting next to me was just staring forward in a daze. When you are on the train on NYC, it seems that the average person just tries not to look into the eyes of anyone else. However, every now and then, something happens that changes that.

    When Len started playing I could not see him at all. The train was full enough that I could not tell where the music was coming from. I immediately moved my head back and forth so that I could see where he was. I heard his voice and I felt his spirit. The woman next to me was doing the same thing with her head and finally we both spotted him. Here in NYC, you can tell when a person likes a subway performer by how long it takes them to reach for some money. In this instance, it was right away.

    The song that he p…

Mother Nature Gets Our Attention

I am a huge fan of the things in life that make us move. Those things that people take seriously. You know what I am talking about. Strict teachers, fire truck sirens, people who will do whatever they need to do no matter what, urgent letters, and so forth. I love to watch people and things in general with a sense of purpose. As you watch them, you get a sense of what is important to you as well. How many times have you seen someone going after something with such vigor that it inspires you to do the same? If you have ever experienced this, you will never forget it. Think 911 in NYC. If you were not here that day, you saw it on TV. It was not a joke to watch people running for their lives or just trying to help others. That is purpose. That is razor sharp commitment.

    That appetizer paragraph was written because I wanted to make a comparison to what happens when people are told that a huge storm is coming. I believe that even when it comes to mother nature, our vibration and tho…

Who Do You Know?

Because of someone that I know, I was introduced to 4 people today. She referred me to one and that woman introduced me to 3 new people. We all gathered in one place to make music together, and it was so good. I was grateful the entire time. I love to be in music studios and to just be open to the possibilities. Each time is different yet even more humbling.

   I was sent the song a few days ago in a rough form. As I listened to it, I was a bit confused as to how the melody was being sung. The awesome woman that recorded the mp3 let m know right up front that she was not a singer. I ran through it for a couple of days until I was more comfortable with the song. Afterwards, it was time to show up live and execute it. I was a bit on edge in the best way possible. I planned to do really great and not take up too much of their time. I also learned a long time ago that studio time always takes more time than you think it will. I was ready to do what I needed to do no matter what.

    I …

When They Tell You To Boycott / Mistakes Deserve Forgiving

What do you do when someone else tells you not to support something that has supported you? If a great friend gets hurt or mistreated, are you involved in their struggle? This has been a question of mine as I watch certain situations around me. To each their own and respect to any choice that a singular person makes for their life. Just make sure that you don't knock out the steps on the ladder before you have to come back down on them.

   I saw a story today that made me think deeply about judgement, and personal opinion. It's not necessary for me to be specific with the names, because it is getting plenty press right now. We live in a time that anyone can just make a video and go online to express their feelings. This is beyond dangerous on so many levels, based on the fact that there are no boundaries. On the other hand, people get exposed and conversations are started that usually need to happen anyway.

   So as the story goes, a certain person in the industry spoke out…

Bar Raising

This is a topic that follows me around daily. Not one day goes by that I am not thinking of raising the bar. The difficult part of this is that it finds it's way around many parts of my life. If it was just my food intake, or just my practice habits, or just my interactions with people, it would be just fine. However, it takes over my brain completely. I am sure that it comes from my childhood as I watched my adult examples always doing better and better in every way. Believe it or not, I remember the title of one book in particular when I was a child. It was always on the shelf and I never picked it up. It's called,"In Search Of Excellence." That stuck in my mind all my life. I have to thank my father for just having it on the shelf. I own this book now.

    I am going to do something that pushes me in the next 7 days. I already know what it is, but I will keep it quiet for now. When I am on the other side of it, I will blog about it immediately afterwards for su…

10 Years Have Passed, No Change

We all go through things with people in so many ways. There are connections that are so powerful, you cannot explain them. There are others that are short lived and very painful. There are those that just go silent after many years, and then there are those that remain unbreakable after over ten years with no incident at all. Many people would say that they wish that certain relationships would have never happened after getting bruised beyond measure. However, I can say with much conviction that I am grateful for every interaction that I have ever had. I would not change one for any reason. It is because of each one that I have the depth of character that I have today. I have had to pull from many directions just to stay afloat many times over.

    Today I reunited with a friend that I truly appreciate and love as a person. He has become a father of two and a husband since the last time that I saw him. I was privileged to meet his wife and his friend and his wife as well. They are…