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You Were Referred To Me

I am referred to people from time to time. In this life I believe that someone is always watching you, but you will never know who until they call upon you directly or through another person. If you do something even a little bit better than the next man or woman, you will at some point be referred to another person who can use your skills in a big way.

   I received a call, and on the other end of the line was a woman who was definitely smiling through the phone. She told me that one of her favorite people referred me and that she would love to have me sing on a song that she had written. To be clear, I have the utmost respect for the person who referred me as well. It humbles me when a person that I hold so high in my heart returns the gesture. She has now done this about 5 different times since I met her. Each time that she does it, I meet an incredible person who is vibrant, talented, and professional. Association is a real thing for sure.

   When someone calls you to do someth…

Are You Vulnerable?

I was asked this question by a great friend in the middle of a conversation the other day. I had an answer right away. I told her that I was without a doubt. Then she told me to think about it and take my time before I answered the next time. She got my attention for sure. So before we go any further here, let's make sure that we all have a clear understanding of this word. The meaning that came up was, "susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm." As in, "we were in a vulnerable position."I did take a moment to let this filter through the second time.

    As I pondered this very frequently used word, I realized that I was very vulnerable at times and then not in others. You see when we feel like we may be about to be challenged or have to step up a bit, our vulnerability can sometimes vanish right beneath us. I began to review a few situations that have showed up in my life lately. This question now had my full attention.Would anyone want to be su…

The Value Of A Friends Time

When was the last time you had a really nice lunch, dinner, or what have you with a friend that made the time go by so fast that you did not even feel it? It's amazing because we are living in a time when it seems like everything else is more important than just meeting up and being face to face. Most tables at restaurants have a minimum of two people at the table actually looking at their phones while they are at dinner. Therefore, they are talking with their heads down and having a full blown conversation. I see it many times daily. So then the question becomes, how interested are we in truly connecting anymore?

  Lately, I have been paying more attention to the closest people around me and checking myself to see if I am making time for them, either on the phone at home or in person. I actually want to see them in person more than talk to them on the phone. Truth be told, I would even take Face Time with some of them. I am craving more one on one with the people that I really …

From The Perspective of She

It goes without saying that as men we drop the ball sometimes as it relates to communicating with women. I say sometimes, because I believe that all men have a slightly different way of walking through this world and taking care of their business. I do not subscribe to the theory that, "All men do this or that." I think we all know and understand quite well that all men or women for that matter are certainly not created equal.

   So I sat on the other line of my trusty iPhone 6 listening to her speak of her position and how she felt. I listened intently and with as much compassion as I possibly could. This woman seemed to trust me with her inner feelings and I wanted to give her my fullest attention. As I felt her tone change almost every minute or so from the pure excitement of actually being listened to, I was understanding her point of view more and more as the seconds and minutes rolled on. Her point of view was one that truly seemed to want to be understood crystal c…

If You Had To Stay Inside All Day For Many Days....

In this time of so many things going on and so many of us getting completely inundated in everything, I thought about this question. If you had to stay inside, all day, for many days without leaving at all, what could you accomplish? You would have a bathroom, running water, food, cable, electricity, and anything that was related to communication, you just could not leave your place for lets say 3 days.

  Now it's not enough to ask the question without knowing who would be with you during this time. Are you alone? Is there more than one person with you? Is it your house or someone Else's house? The other question is, are all of your limbs functioning properly or are you a bit challenged?These are definitely factors that will change the story for sure.

  I am writing this posting because I have a friend who is in this situation right now. She cannot leave her house unless she is driven somewhere by another person. She has a foot issue, so she has to let it heal before she wal…

Mind Set Vs. A Set Mind

I love to listen to how people see things in this life. It has always given me perspective, and over time it has given me depth to not jump to conclusions when I don't need to. Well, I guess it's never good to jump to conclusions. Anyhow, We all have our own mindset in this life and this is what navigates us to make certain decisions each and every day. It's an attitude, a perspective, a common way that we deal with pretty much everything.

   We all have that one friend that sees the world in an obtuse way. They think that it's all going to crumble down on them and there is nothing that they or any other person for that matter can do about it. Life is tough. People are selfish. The government is out to get us, and so on and so on. They have the right to feel that way because they are free to see it however they like right? It's America and we have the freedom to do so.

    There are also the mindsets that take it all in stride and are really difficult to sway or…

So Do You Really Want It?

The question is asked so many times in this life. You and I are working towards something that we would do anything to accomplish. Then out of nowhere, the question comes, do you really want it? If you could have that position, that amount of money, that new car, would you know how to handle it?

   I have a friend that works for a small company. She is smart, charming, engaging, and very sensitive overall. She loves to serve and to be in this very popular people business. We spoke and she told me that she feels under appreciated in her job. She has been there for about 7 years. To be precise, she is the only original member on the entire team. The hiring and firing has been constant for the entire length of the time that this place has been open. What was also interesting, was that she was given a very small raise not so long ago. The interesting part is that now that the minimum wage has been raised, her hourly rate is the same as the others.

    Now in the world of employees and …