Who Propels You?

  I have some ridiculously powerful people in my life. They are from far and near, black and white, short and tall, loud and quiet, and most of all, wildly curious about life. These are people that I have met and been close to for many years. No matter where I have gone on my many travels, these people have kept in touch with me and I have kept close to them as well. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that there is an incredible connection between us that humbles me every day.

    Tonight I received an email, well a few emails from my good friend that I have mentioned so many times in my posts over the years. He takes time out of his day many times over the years, just to feed me new music and videos and even history about some of the most prolific entertainers in the world. He has been doing this since 1996. Let me be clear about what i just wrote. Since I met this man, he has given me so much information and so much of his soul, that I know I can never truly repay him or show him my complete appreciation. Why did he pick me and how has he remained so consistent all of these years? In truth, I don't need to know that answer. I am just so very grateful for it.

     So many people shape our journey and so many of those same people actually leave and swerve off in another direction as well. If you just take a moment right now and close your eyes, can you think of 5 people who propel you to live at a higher plane? Can you think of 5 people that you could not see living without? How about 5 people who continue to sprinkle magic into your life? If you can name 5 of those in any of those categories, you are blessed beyond belief. This I know for sure.

    During a personal development recording that I was completely engulfed in today, the man who was speaking said that the day a certain person who worked around him came up to him and told him that he had the tools to be a champion, was the day his entire life changed. I thought about how he was very clear that the person didn't teach him anything more about his craft , he just filled him with belief. That was powerful in more ways than one to me. I have experienced that exact sensation quite  few times. The people who say  these things truly do propel us. They have many ways to fill us up and keep us galvanized.

     In closing, as I once read somewhere, the better you do, the more the people around you want to know what you are doing? Then there are those who just tell you how much you can do and you just believe them. You push forward and you dig in with your heart and passion. This is such a magical tool. The art of suggestion and positive thought harvesting. So who propels you? What do they bring to the table? Are they practicing what they preach or just acting? Can you lean 5 people when you are feeling depleted? In other words, who do you turn to when you need some super charging? None of us can make it in the world without being plugged into something. I am plugged into you right now and I love it!! Thank you for being here once again. I never take it for granted.




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