'Tis The Reason

   I love NY in the winter time. People are feeling lighter, or so it seems. I know how it feels to be in a cold temperature as well as a hot one during the holidays and I love them both for different reasons. The snow is not here, but the tons of tourists are and they are not letting up for anyone. As I walked the streets today, just the conversations were priceless. This person talking to that person about sizes, colors, sales, and everything in between.

    The holidays send a vibration of togetherness through everyone body in my opinion. I have to also mention that there are also people that are dealing with hardship during this time. Whether it's having lost a loved one during this time or even experiencing a break up or what have you. I still think that the holidays send light out to most people. The lights, the ringing bells,  the simulated snow in the display windows, and of course, the occasional Santa.

     When I break it down in my mind, the major holidays are all about love and appreciation. We show up bearing gifts and sharing meals together. We celebrate each other, either through gift giving or warm sentiments. It's certainly a sort of magic in its own way.. So what would happen if these commercial driven over expanded holiday seasons did not fall on these days at these times? Would we show more appreciation and love or less? Could we just strip away the traditional holiday and still move each other in heart felt and emotional abandon? I believe that we could..

       In closing, I thought about Christmas and New Years falling so close to one another. I mean as soon as most people receive so much love and material things, the new year starts and we are expected to enter a new consciousness. One that makes us more at peace with ourselves and all of the choices that we make. Holidays are magic for sure. I can honestly say that it puts the temporary brakes on for some of the people who would normally be a bit brash and not so nice...So what is your reason for smiling during the holiday season? What is your reason for embracing the holiday season? I am so glad that I have this blog. It grounds me, and allows me to dissect that which makes me smile..Make this season powerful by just deciding to do so.





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