The Social Network Disease

 We are living in a time that is completely flooded with social networks and people are truly getting swallowed by it more and more each day. I am having fewer and fewer conversations face to face and people are actually telling me to just text them. This is true across the board of every style of social network that you can think of all over the world.

   I heard a song today by one of my favorite artists, Erykah Badu. The song was entitled "Phone Down." The concept is obvious and very hard to do for most people. She says in the song that she can make you put your phone down. I like that concept in a big way. Let me be clear about this though, I work every day to keep my phone out of my hands more and more. I feel like some of the juicy parts of life are slipping by at times and i want to ingest more of them.

   Today as I was thinking about this concept I decided to do something that is truly uncommon these days, I wrote a letter. To be fair, I had planned to write this letter over a week ago. I had started it but ran into a snag and did not finish it. Writing a letter takes you to a different part of your brain. Each time I write, I become more descriptive and definitely more present. There is nothing else going on but the letter being written. You cannot be interrupted by an incoming sentence from another writer if you know what I mean. You can be stuck in a thought, or even disturbed by an actual phone call, but my ringer was off. It felt good to detach.

     The magic is in the focus when you are not connected to an electronic device. I am doing it more and more and I love it! Granted, part of my life is connected to social media and that will probably be in existence for quite some time. I guess its all in the management of anything that is just ruling us way too much. I love to read great stories on social media though, I must say. I just curb myself and pull away when I feel like I am just there with no direction. I read that cell phone use overall is up by over 200% worldwide. Which means that the marketers are running to get their products in front of us right away!! Which also means that more things are on the way to distract us from the reason we got on our phones in the first place. Fasten your seat belts!!

     In closing, let's not lose our connection with each other. I am writing this blog right now, which means I am on a form of social media as well, however, I do it to send something out into the world that may affect someone to see things a little bit easier or be lighter in general. Recently, I have been more productive with less social media. Again, I love to see what is happening in the world with so many topics. I am just careful so that I don't forget about what is right in front of me. There is so much magic passing us each and every day and most people are so use to not seeing it that they don't even care anymore. Its time to face up with our phones down a little bit more. Can you feel me? Sending you a great big ball of positive energy and skittle juice!!! (I have no idea what skittle juice is.)My apologies. I am out like Michelle and Barack. Peace



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