The Opportunity To Do More

 I did not realize this until I was more mature, but I see now that my parents were always striving to do more. That includes, being more as individuals, doing more that is expected on a particular task, and giving more than a person expects you too. I bring this up because recently I seem to hear people decline doing more and decide to do just enough. Each one of us has the opportunity to do more and when we do it feels awesome. Well it does to me anyway. I cannot speak for everyone.

  About three days ago I heard a musician say that she is doing just enough to get through the gig. She was so set on this mind set because a particular person had done her wrong and she was going to make him suffer for it. I thought about her plan and right away I realized that she was swallowing her own poison.Then I got a text from a true gem if a friend that just wanted to let me know that they were sending me positive energy. That was magical to me because it had no agenda or ulterior motive. To receive energy that is just given out of care and nothing else is golden.

   I think if people who are visited in hospitals, nursing homes, and so forth by people who do not know them at all. I think if people who dedicate 30 hours or more during the holidays to feed homeless people or clothe them or what have you. These people are taking the opportunity to do more. There is no immediate tangible reward except what happens in their heart. I am so moved by that and how it shows up in the world.

    In the last few months I have had many people go the extra mile for me so to speak. They made a business transaction easier or put in a good word for me or even gave me extra of something that I only asked for one of. These are people who we feel synergy with because somehow, even sometimes when wwhen we don't realize it, we have given more of ourselves.

     In closing, my parents seem to always be doing this. Each one of the three that I am tremendously blessed to have always seem to be taking the opportunity to do, be, and demonstrate more than the status quo. I find this to be triple inspiring. I mean think about it,when you do more, don't you become more in the end? Not everyone will understand you or your actions, however, you will understand it and you will always prosper above and beyond the norm. It's a habit that anyone can develop for sure. I feel very grateful today. I send you a nice warm bundle of spirit and energy. I am sure that you deserve it..



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