The Men Are So Much Better Here

 That's what I heard come out of a woman's mouth as she waited behind me to use a public bathroom this afternoon. She was clearly from the south by the sound of her accent and she was an attractive and vibrant woman. Her girlfriend was on the other line and she was telling her how cheap things are in Chinatown and also how tired she was from shopping all day. When the door opened up and looked back and asked her to go before me. She declined and told me that it would be in my best interest to go before her. I was not exactly sure what she meant by that. It could have gone many ways.

  As I walked away I thought about the different ways that we are all looked at based on where we come from, what we say, how we dress, and so on and so forth. Are men from NYC so much better than other places in the world? Did she meet thousands of men this week and so she is absolutely certain that we are the best of the best? Well, I am sure that you would agree that the chances of that being true are slim. She saw some things that she liked visually or otherwise and she then made her own mind up that the men are definitely better here.

   Have you ever had a bad situation some where and then when someone asks you about that place you tell them that the people at that restaurant or store, or what have you, are rude or crazy, or that they shouldn't go there? How about when people say that the food is terrible at a certain place and they had only gone there once and had one dish from the menu? You see where I am going here. Almost everything is situational and it can be redirected or changed by just one human being. Sometimes it s few people too, but it can most often  times be turned around.

   The magic in this is that we should give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Also, we cannot take almost anything at face value. I have had so many assumptions that I looked into that were exactly the opposite and I felt so much better for them in the end. There are just too many perspectives to get locked into just one. I would have loved to have asked her why she thought that the men here were so much better than where she was from. I am sure that this post would have had a different spin to it. Being better, hmmm, those two words always give me pause. You can always be better as long as you are starting from the right example right? I am sending you a powerful dose of Steel Greye soul juice. Use it as you please. I believe in you.. Peace



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