The Full Circle Inspiration

  This has been a year of some of the most tragic deaths and it really brings about some emotions within me that are actually useful. As a child, Prince, Michael, Bowie, and George Michael, all helped me to realize my passion for using my voice. They were all over MTV and they all permeated my inner being in a massive way. They showed their style without an apologies and without any hesitation. I did not realize at the time that the power form these men would change my life. All I know is that they got inside me and never left.

    After each one of these super stars left us in their physical form, I had to take some time for myself to asks myself what each of them meant to me and how I am carrying them around with me daily? The answers are many, the sensations are deeply rooted. These men were or are just human beings who were on a path that left a legacy that will live on forever. I make it a point to not ever put them on a level that makes them infallible, or not human. I do however, let them show me that I have so many gifts yet to completely release. Its such a wonderful ride.

     The videos form these icons are still in circulation and will probably be for quite sometime to come. I watched a live George Michael video before writing this post and it filled me up as it always does. If a human being has the ability to do that to anyone, in my mind it is pure magic. Music is a gift that is shared on so many levels and it supersedes most things in this life in my humble opinion. The songs and the way that these men performed cannot truly be put into words, it just hovers in a place of its own.

     So here I am, writing about these amazing artists who have inspired me. They have not gone in my mind. They will not do anything physical again, however, the seeds have been planted and they will grow higher than the Empire State and beyond. This inspires me to no end. I am super fortunate to have the vocabulary of music that these and many other artists have laid before me to ingest. I cannot stop eating them up like a plate of fruit on a Caribbean island in the summer time. All of these people got my attention and I have never looked away, not even once.

     Time to write more songs. Time to dig in more. Time to reach deeper inside of me. Time to focus even more of leaving legacy. Actually, the road is still full of so much magic. I can feel it. What will your legacy be on any level at all? Think about that...Time to close it down. Peace be with you.



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