Speaking In Their Language

   I love to listen, speak, and even sing in other languages. There is something special about hearing your voice communicate in another language. There are so many ways to express the things that we need to say and by learning other languages, the world is open to us.

    Today I had the pleasure of speaking in three languages. I spoke in Italian, Spanish, and English. Firstly, I noticed a small family on the corner of a very busy upper west side intersection. They were spinning around a little bit and speaking in a way that I could clearly understand. Quite simply, they were looking for Central Park. Now I can only assume that they did not look at me and think that there was any way that i spoke their language. My heart raced because i felt that at any moment they could ask me for help. I of course was seconds away from opening the conversation and just asking them in Italian if I could help them. However, right before I did, the mother of the family asked me in English what direction Central Park was in. So I did what any normal person would do, I answered her back in her native language. I first asked her what part of Italy she was from and she told me Torino. I told her that was a beautiful city and that I had been there. All 5 or 6 of them were so surprised that I spoke Italian. We exchanged a few more sentences and then we parted. Ahhh the magic of communication never ceases to excite me.

     Later on, I had the pleasure of letting to really nice people into my clients apartment who were from Argentina. Now the accent and the dialect from Buenos Aires is quite different, however, I had to give it my best. My accent has always been pretty solid when I speak in another language so I am told by most natives. However, when you do not practice the proper conjugation of verbs and so forth, you can get hung up rather quickly. The man asked me if I spoke Spanish upon his arrival and I answered that I would speak as much as I could. As the conversation moved along, I slowly created sentences that were in fact comprehensible and I was so proud of myself. I am truly in love with language, I always have been. To see their faces as I made my best efforts was worth the minor struggle. I learned a long time ago that those who are willing to look the most uncomfortable while learning anything will inevitably be the most successful in the end. In other words, every master was once a disaster,

      So these two situations were very fulfilling in more ways than one. I learned my Italian while I was in Italy. I learned my Spanish mostly while I worked or rather played in Miami and then even more while I was in Europe. I am so grateful for that period of my life and I am feeling as though I need to strengthen my Spanish, French, and Italian. Also, being a professional singer for a living, there will always be opportunities to sing in other languages. That makes me so very happy. I cannot express the feeling that I get to break out in song in another language.

      In closing, we can all relate to what it feels like to hear someone speak our language. It can be the language of love, abundance, spirit, physicality, or even the language of compassion. There is always magic in connection and familiarity. When we speak on the same level as another person we are respected and allowed to get closer to their soul. I mean isn't that why we are all here anyway? Once we all realize in the end we are all speaking the same language, we will all see each other as equal and all of this anger, hate, racism, and death can make a sharp 360. I think you hear me. I am sending you some warmth and a smile. Be well..



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