Powerful Relationships / An Unlikely Conversation

  One of the reasons why I love watching or listening to conversations with diverse people is that I always leave with something that percolates in my brain, and it is usually something that I needed to hear. I stumbled upon a talk on YouTube between Sarah Jessica Parker, Trevor Noah, Morgan Spurlock, Chelsea Handler, and Juliana Margulies. There were so many gems in this conversation that I was just beside myself when it was done. The topic was "The Best Relationships". I was caught off guard because so much of what they spoke of was a part of my life in one way or another.

   These people are all in the entertainment business and they all have very different lives. One question was what is your most important relationship? What a question. I was reminded that people all serve us in different ways. Like some people will call you back the same day every time, while others may take three weeks to return the call and that's just how it is. Recently, I reached out to someone that I respect and enjoy being with no matter what day of the week. This person told me in a text that they didn't see any time to meet until the new year starts. They said that they didn't see any open time at all. I admit, I took it personal. I have never in my life not been able to make time for a person that I am close to. When I say make time, I mean "MAKE" time.  The sentence landed on me as an avoiding and dodging vibe. I had wished that this person had just told me the truth. I am always questioning this particular relationship.

    Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend of mine that I have so much respect for that I cannot explain it totally. We connect and we have no judgment or pretense at all on any level. The calls are fluid and we cannot wait to make statements that support each other or add to each others thoughts. This relationship has lasted well over 5 years with no incident. I cherish it and i will always strengthen it no matter what happens. It means so very much to me.

     There is also a relationship that has had many ups and downs over several years and I wish to repair it fully. However, its a relationship that seems to come with conditions that make me feel as though I am walking through a minefield, therefore it seems to stay silent. I tend to think that trying to get it back to normal again is just so much work and I am saddened by it. Truthfully speaking though, I want it to be revived. I miss this relationship in a very big way.

      Lastly, some relationships will always be super strong no matter what. Nothing can shake them and there is no question at all whatsoever. These relationships have gotten inside of your soul so deeply that they have their own special room that they marinate in. Its these relationships that challenge our assumptions about everything else. We want to be seen in a specific light by these special people and we never want to see them hurting in any way, shape or form. These relationships cannot be planned, they just happen.

       My main take away from this topic is that we require different relationships to know what is real. If they all worked out then we would not know how to pick ourselves up and get back on track. We would not know how to avoid those who want to suck us dry of our powers and not respect our space. This would be an atrocity. To be blunt, I would love it if my authentic self could be embraced by those that I cherish the most, however, we are all on different wavelengths so that is merely a fantasy.  We have to be grateful for those who show up and enrich our lives in this very moment. Friendship, love, compassion, and authenticity are not to be run after, ever.

      Today on the train as I was exiting the station I had a heart warming interaction. I was walking out of the station and there was a couple in front of me leaving through the emergency gate. For those of you who are not familiar with this, its just a gate that you can exit the platform from that allows you to leave without going through a turnstile. For example if you have a carriage or a bicycle. As we all were moving through the gate, the man turns around and says something to me, but I had my head phones on so I did not hear him. I took one ear bud off and he told me that he was sorry for going too slow through the gate. I told him that it was no problem at all and to take all the time that he needed. Then he said that him and his girl were older so they move a little bit slower. His girl was quick to tell him that maybe he was old but she was not!! I found that to be quite entertaining. We walked up the stairs together and she told me that I looked like her son. She bragged that he was a Karate Master and that he was very good at it. Then they both told me that they were musicians too!! At the end of the interaction, I gave them my card. Just before she walked away with her husband, or boyfriend, she told me that she gets a good vibe from me. I thanked her for just a genuine and in the moment comment. It meant a lot to me. That was the beginning of a new and powerful relationship in my  book. So grateful.

       I guess we all want things to work out with people in our lives. I mean why would we not want it to right? I just keep reminding myself daily to show up as me and to be the best human being that I possibly can. Getting it right every time is far less important than showing up every time. This i know for absolute certain. I hope some of this has reached you in  the best way possible. Peace and Persimmons!!!! Have you ever had a Persimmon? I bought one two days ago. Treat yourself to one. I got your back. Oh and by the way, here is that talk that really made me think. Check it out...






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