Master Engagers

  Living in NYC you get to see so many kinds of people. It does not matter where you are at any point of the day, you will see something that bends your brain a little bit. The thing is that different things move different people. I am fascinated my those who engage others. I am an engager for sure. I love to interact with people just to see what they shoot back at me. But from time to time, I meet a similar energy to mine and it gets really interesting. Actually it gets extremely comfortable because I don't have to carry all of the weight in the conversation.

  I find that when I write on the train, people tend to look at me or begin speaking to me. That does not make sense on the surface, but it really does happen to me. The truth is that I can't be sure why it happens.  Could it be because people want to know what I am writing or maybe they can't understand how I can write on an unstable train? Who knows?

   Today as I wrote song lyrics on a train ride, two woman  entered the train. Their conversation was about how people walk slow as you are trying to get to a train that is about to leave.  One woman goes on about how she wants to slap them in the neck and tell them that they are holding you up.  I heard that and looked up and smiled. She saw me and basically said that I may have just heard something that I could write about. I told her that I was laughing about what she just said. She had just engaged with me because she was watching my body language. This is one of my favorite things to do.

   I spoke with these two ladies for about 2 stops and then they left. We introduced ourselves and they told me they worked for Access A Ride. I knew that they had their share of stories with that company. So just as I was about to ask lots of questions, they had to get off. The woman that was speaking the most was so outgoing and real. She said I was welcome for getting some cool inspiration from her in that instant. Little did she know that she would be in my blog. Thank you sweet mystery woman. You did inspire me with your no holds barred attitude. You engaged me without a filter and you left me thinking. Your presence was a breath of fresh air

   You see when we take the first step to engage with someone, I believe it energizes them. They feel worthy and interesting and they want to be noticed. I believe we all just want to be noticed . So don't wait to be engaged by another person. Just start up the conversation way before them. Trust me there is a certain good will in that. A small handwritten note is even better sometimes. Just letting people know that you recognize that they are in the room is just magic. I have so many engagement process stories, but Ill get to those some other times. Get engaged, I mean really start some conversations out there!! You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of magic people out there that just can't make the first move. Let's put them out of their misery.  My tired eyes have just sent me a signal. Thank you for being here...



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