Making Room To The Left

   What if we took the time to make it easier for others to get somewhere quicker than us if we knew we wanted to go slower than them? Where does this come from? Well, when you ride on the NYC subway and you are going up an escalator, most people move to the right. The left side is for people who are moving fast and want to get to the top quicker.  I don't know who started this, but it's simple and very useful.

     The energy behind this simple gesture is truly magic. It shows that we can all do our part to make life a bit happier. What if people at hospitals let others with more seriously problems go for treatment. What if you gave your parking ticket to the next person as they pulled into the spot and then they stayed a full 45 minutes on the time that you didn't use? I think you get my drift.

     I love to see people working together and helping each other in the process. That escalator thing that I see almost everyday makes me happy. It's so simple and seemingly unimportant, but it's huge..
As I got off the escalator today and many times before, I think, this is organized support and respect for others . Why can't we do this all of the tine? Well we can. If we want to. .

      Thank you for connecting with me today.  This was just a micro thought with macro message and meaning.



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