Just Some NYC Moments....

  Ah yes, the moments that make this city the magic that it is. I wanted to give you some insight into what I see, hear, and feel on this great island. I love the smallest things that go on right in front of me each and every day. These are things that are so entertaining that you really do not need cable or Broadway for that matter. Just walk the streets and keep your eyes and ears open. There is enough entertainment here for everyone.

    So first up is the presence of rats here in NYC and how people deal with them. If you see a tourist at any point of the day and a rat is going by, they usually make it known that they are pretty much traumatized beyond belief.  However, a New Yorker just changes direction or just stops and lets it go by. I have seen more rats in my lifetime than I can explain. Today a woman saw a rat walking in her path and as she stopped, it walked over her shoe. It was a classic moment. She was so in control and barely spoke. She took a deep breath and let it happen. Then she smiled and kept walking. I was about 10 feet from her and it was a great moment to have witnessed live, trust me.

     This was a not so nice moment, but it was once again full of realness. A guy was coming out of a store and he bumped into another guy. One guy was a big burly man and the other was a short and skinny, man who was quite effeminate. The burly man did not apologize for running into the other guy and he quickly told him how he felt. The bigger guy called him some inappropriate homosexual slurs and then as the slender man walked further he held up his middle finger. The burly man then told him what he would do with his finger and where he would like to put it, which produced quite a bit of chatter from those who were just passing by.  They both crossed the street and then went in separate directions.

     Today I had a veggie burger. This was not just some ordinary burger though. This burger tasted like a real burger. It even had a bit or red juice in it like it was cooked medium rare. If you are even here and want to try it, just ask for "The Impossible Burger". When I tell you that this burger took years to perfect and that it could fool 100 hundred people at a cook out, I am not lying. As I ate, I was listening to the hostess speak to her boss, I heard the boss tell her to clean up the dirt that was around the pots in the window. She was working on some sort of order on her Ipad as she was told this. Her boss told her that it was important that she stop and do this first because it is the first thing that the guest sees. I love that sentence because it shows that they are concentrating on detail. I then saw her wiping dust off of the leaves. Got to love that.!

       Lastly, I was speaking with a young lady at a checkout counter in a store that has everything for people who sew. I am working on a little project and I needed a few things. This woman smiled at me like I was her long lost love. I thanked her immediately for welcoming me to her register like I was royalty. She told me that she loved my locks and then told me that she is a straight shooter and she speaks her mind. Then she went in by telling me that she had learned to be a bit cautious when being too nice because people can surely mistake kindness for weakness. Her kindness and compliment stayed with me the entire day. Never forget that when we are kind , we make impressions that will never go away.

         I love my city and it goes without saying that it is truly magic.  I could post a blog everyday like this and I am sure I could fill up the page with little to no effort. Stay open and never ever let the details get by. That is where the true living is. Thank you for being here...



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