Intention Vs. Delivery

  I will start out today by writing that I truly believe that human beings start out with the best of intentions. Why would anyone want to hurt another human being? Well, of course a great answer is that they have been hurt over and over again, so its natural for them to hurt back at the drop of a hat. I think we all know how prevalent that is. The intention always seems to extend from the place of reference. When I tell you that this has become so clear to me as the years roll on, I really mean it. We cannot control the source of another person's pain, but we can keep our intention balanced so that we do not scar anyone.

   For years I had questioned my own intentions as it relates to the people around me and how i navigate through different situations and conversations. I care how I am received almost across the board and I am careful how I load my rifle of words that can easily shoot deep holes into the wrong target. When it does happen though, I want to make good and review it or just sit with myself and forgive the inner me. Now how do we know what will rub anyone the wrong way? We really don't know. It's a constant and never ending  field of human emotional hidden grenades. You will hit one and the important thing is how fast you recover. This I know for absolute certain. I even believe that it gets easier over time, well actually we get better. I guess its only fair to speak for myself as it relates to this.

    How we deliver words of encouragement right up to how we disagree completely is so very important. I write these words so that I too may become better at it in due time. When we are heard in the opposite way that we intend to be heard, it can be so sticky and messy all at the same time. We are all truly still in class as it relates to how to navigate these things. I write these things out as a kind of a therapy for myself so that I may arrive at a certain balance.. Some days can really be challenging though right? I know that you can feel me.

     So if you intend to deliver a special gift to someone and they are completely not expecting anything, could you expect to get a pretty intense reaction? Of course you could, that is a given. But what if someone is expecting a certain reaction from something that they say and you surprise them? Then the pendulum swings a little bit differently and clarity is necessary. We don't always hear what we want to hear or get what we want, but we always seem to be right where we need to be to receive the lesson from it. This is either through self talk or some one that really cares about us that comes at us full throttle. The latter stings a little bit, but it's usually that disgusting medicine that heals us.

     In closing, our intention and our delivery has so much to do with what happens next. When we mean well, we generally come across well. I believe that the energies meet up and have their own little soiree. But yet and still, those other times it can feel like running into a brick wall head first on foot without any band aids to help you in that very moment. The magic is that we get many chances to try it again and we don't have to be so hard on ourselves. So I am forgiving myself because my delivery came out counter to my intention today. Tomorrow is always an invisible reset switch though. I say this because I make it so. I can hear it now......CLICK!!! Slumber peacefully or top of the morning to you. It's all forward either way. Abundance to you in every way...



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