In Praise Of Those With Skills

 In short, I love to do things. Anything that involves some sort of creation, repair, or bringing back to fully operational, feeds me intensely. One of my favorite things to talk about or know more about is clothing or more specifically sewing clothing. I have some basic sewing skills, however, I am about to take them to the next level. I have noticed over the last five years that it is true that we manifest what we think about the most. I kept telling myself that I need to take a sewing course and get better at one of my favorite fascinations. Well guess what happened since then? I found a classic sewing machine next to a garbage can quasi hidden inside a wooden table. Then I was given one by a friend that was moving. Then I was given yet another one by a friend who was getting rid of one. Coincidence? I think not. I have three strong machines and they are calling out to me.

   There is a place in Lower Manhattan that I go to for on the spot alterations. They are such nice people and they are masters at their craft. I have never waited more than a day for anything to be repaired. Today I went in and they lengthened a pair of my favorite pants in less than 10 minutes. As he gave me back my pants that looked amazing, a voice inside of me said, "Hey, you could have done that in your place and not paid a dime. Are you ready to add another skill to your wheelhouse?' I will answer the call before the year ends.

   How many things do you pay for that you could do yourself? I mean if you had to desperately save money and could not spend that much at all, how many skills would you master? I do not gain more and more skill to not spend money though, I do it to serve more people. I do it because when you can do more, life glides by daily with not even a chance to come face to face with boredom and atrophy. In my opinion, a mind that can move in any direction and smile and be content, is a well operating and lubricated one. I strive for that daily.

   I was thinking of all of the things that I have done for myself from a creation perspective and it makes me happy. I will not list them here because the concept itself is more important than my personal achievements within it. I just want you to think about the magic in self sufficiency even on a small level. Like what if you made gifts for the people in your life this year instead of emptying your bank account in a majorly reluctant fashion? It's just a thought, but of course you would do it your way, and that would be what made it really awesome.

   In closing, those with a skill or two, or three, or four, are owning the electric energy in this life. I always hear people say that they are only good at one thing or two things. I have never believed them no matter who said it. I believe that the more victories that you rack up challenging your assumptions about your true power and possibility, the more new ground you seek. Because if its all open to you, then all you have to do is choose. Oh by the way, it "is" all open to you. Time to choose how you want your heart to beat starting right now. Grab some more skills and then soar higher. I got you.



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