As The Signals Get Louder

    Some situations in life can be cloudy to say the very least. You know when things seem as though they are just fine and then you feel a certain yanking in your gut? This situation can fall under business or personal, so do not think that it discriminates ever. Fortunately this one falls under business. I believe that some of us are meant to create things and others are meant to survive within the confines of something that is already created.

    We exist in a world that has a many possibilities for each and every one of us, should we choose to capitalize on just one when our gut tells us to strike and take advantage of it. The rub is this, what if we never answer the gut call? We are always getting signals and we are always going to get them. This is my belief anyway. So when do we strike? When do we hold off? When do we know for sure?

     Picture this. You are in a room and there is a tone that shoots through the room. It starts out very low and at the end of the night it is excruciating and almost unbearable. The interesting part about this is that you are the only one that hears it. You are the only one that feels that you are moving in another direction. This direction is a higher direction, a freer direction, a direction that needs to be taken right away.

     As the signals get louder, does it help us to put our hands over our ears? Aren't they signals for a reason? Signals are made to be listened to and many times they are not. I have been guilty of this many times in the past. The best part of this is that I am now listening and I am now going to make a move. It feels liberating and very real.

     As the signals get louder we are reminded of who we really are and how we should run in that direction. We all get the signals. They are like our shadow. We cannot run from them if we tried to.So what if we just stopped running? How would our lives look then? I can tell you in one word, magical.

                                                                    Be well


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