Affirmation Of Support

   It's amazing how many things need affirming in today's world. You can ask people to do something for you for you, or make a payment somewhere, or even just book a flight to a grand place.  There is just something about hear that is confirmed and there is also something about a person affirming anything that has to do with you. We all love the act of affirmation.

   I finally connected with someone today that has been struggling for a while. I wound love to say that I have left them alone all of this time, but I have not.  I reached out and got nothing many times in a row, however, I was victorious today. The connection was great and I was relieved that my friend was safe and in a calm state. Well maybe not calm but, not in harms way. I let them now that I had always been here for them and they affirmed that I was a true friend without a doubt.

    There are many people that need loads of affirmation to stay above water.  I am not saying that this is good or bad, however, I can say that you should support as many people as you can in this life. You cannot save everyone, but you can support many people in many ways. However you can do it within your capacity, do it wherever and for whomever.

     A few days ago I sent some words of encouragement to a guy that I know who's Mom is  it doing to well just from my heart in a casual way, and his response was something to the tune of, "Thank you, our mutual friend was right about you, when he told me that you do care about people in a very special way." Then I thought to myself, hmmm, someone had confirmed that I was who they thought I was.  I guess we all just want to hear those words. You know which ones I mean don't you? They are simple and direct. " I got your back." Powerful words that really affect people deeply. Thank you for being here. I really appreciate it..I send you silent superpowers so that you may be your authentic self fully starting tomorrow.. No time like the present. Forget New Year's resolutions. May your a right here right now decision. Peace



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