Watching Them As The Day Began

    I am not a consistent early riser, however I really enjoy getting up early and getting things done way before the day is in full swing. Today was a day that I show up for my coop shift where I do manual labor and all sorts for random duties. I did a few things today that were a little different than usual and it was still cool in the end.

    As we approach Thanksgiving, I was given the job of Turkey Runner. This means that I just kept them organized and helped people find certain weights of turkey and gave them what information I had on where they came from and how much they were. It was way outside of the box for me as I do not eat turkey, however, I had such a great time connecting with the people. On top of that, I ran into the 4 or 5 people who I consider to be my core individuals today and they all greeted me with such warmth and love. I was really moved by this.

   So this was all an introduction or a pre story to why I wrote this posting. As I rode that train at about 6 am this morning, I watched people's faces and body language. The weather was cold and windy and there was a bit of rain falling. I entered the train and it seemed as if each and every person was on their way to do the thing that they absolutely loathed. About 80 percent of the train were on their phones and the others were either dozing off or staring into space. These were working class people to say the very least. Some had tool boxes, others had briefcases or even backpacks. They were all on their way to put in a days work at their respective jobs.

    I respect a hard working person beyond what I can write or say with words. Each one of them have families to support or something that gets them out of bed each and every day without fail. The other side of that for me is, where are they getting their magic? Are they getting it from the kids or the wife or the husband? Are they proud of what they do or are they there strictly there because of their responsibilities? I was sending each and every one of them some positive energy for a little bit of a repose so that they could just stop and smell the roses a little bit here and there.

     Coming from yet another perspective, I could be completely of base with my assumptions as to who they are and what they are doing.  I mean we all look at people and get a sense for who they are and what they may be about, but we are not always right. I guess what I am trying to say, is that in these current times, I rarely see genuine smiles of bliss. We all could use a bit of a soul boost right here and right now. These people transferred some energy onto me today and I still feel it.

     In closing, I am careful how I attempt to decipher that which I do not understand, however, I reserve the right to marinate in it and allow it to pass through me. In truth, I am always hoping that each and every person that is connected to me knows that I want them to have a good time in life. That of course, is not my responsibility on any day of the week.  I still show up to give it a shot more so than not. We are all learning and we are all on the journey. Remember to show up with the best of your tools to make the best or your intentions. It matters and its all being documented in one way or another. Peace and abundance.





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