Things We Hold Onto

 I wrote a blog on this quite some time ago in a different way. Today these feeling come up again as I am closer than every to getting rid of my storage spaces after a very tough move many months ago. Over the course of our lives, we amass so many things from so many people and so many places. I really believe that each and every one of us has to be very careful how much we actually carry around with us on our journey. Although I would never tell anyone what to keep and what to let go, I will say this, if it doesn't excite you or hold a very special place in your heart for deep sentimental reasons, let it go.

  As I looked at things that I had not used in quite sometime, I really got clear as to how they were serving me and why I had held on to them for so long. Some things have just been literally with me for 10 years and I have only used them or made use of them a few times. It's not the end of the world or anything that will stop time, but it just makes me feel lighter overall as I walk around here on Earth. You know when people ask you if you were left on an island with only 5 things, what would they be? What would your answer be? What are those things that really keep you afloat and happy? What things do you proudly use the most? What things could you let go of right now and not even blink?

  I leave things on the street for people to find all of the time. I love anonymous giving. It;s actually proven to be one of the highest forms of giving of all. It's a bonus if I see them take it too. I mean the feeling that I get is truly hard to describe. Not only do you not have to carry it around with you anymore, but someone who loves it more than you now owns it. You have contributed to the ease of another human being and they don't need to give you anything at all to accept it properly. That is a high vibrational gesture for sure. It feels really good. I have experienced it many times.

   Today I released more things and I felt so good. I still have a good amount of things to go, however, I have about half of the things that I did when I moved out and I can feel the difference for sure. The magic thing is that we get to create a porthole that allows us to keep out extraneous things from the beginning. This is the lesson that has truly permeated my cranium. If you don't want things to linger, don't let them pass through in the first place. Easier said than done. I liken it to getting on a full bus. You are at the door and 10 people want to push there way in, but really only 4 can fit comfortably. What do you do in that case? You hope and pray that those people decide to give up and wait for the next bus. If you have enough, cherish the enough and treat it like gold. Appreciation is a golden asset.

    I always think of what an amazing business storage is by the way. People pay to have a place for their stuff because they cannot fit it where they are or they want to sell it or a myriad of reasons. However, in the end, a large portion of them never come back for their things and they get sold or auctioned off or throw away. So what purpose did those things serve in the first place if they just got thrown away in the end? Just something to think about. You would not believe how much storage businesses make per month. I did some of my own research. Our treasured or not so treasured things, become their wealth and fortune. The crazy thing is that they never have to touch it at all the entire time that its there! That is the true magical thing.  Here's to clarity, minimalism, and appreciation of the things that makes us glow from the inside out that we hold near and dear. Remember though, true happiness does not need anything material to exist. It "is" the thing.  Peace and abundance.



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