The Synergy Between Two

  You know them and they know you.
  They have shown you their actions and exposed their soul.
  There are no blurred lines, only obvious intention.
  Even the things that they do that you do not like, you accept.

   When you are away from them, they are still there.
   The residue of their aura never leaves you no matter what
   It seems that their heart beats in tandem with yours continually.
   This is not a mystery, its the synergy between two

   Did you do all that you planned to with them?
   Was your heart fully open?
   Did you show up authentically and vulnerable?
   Would they say that they you bared your soul?

   Truth is we leave some of ourselves with every person.
   With some we leave a bundle more.
   It's like we plant a seed on purpose.
   This is the synergy between two.

   There is a purpose and a focus that is allowed to run wild.
   The rush of blood through their veins is like an Olympic sprinter.
   There is no facade, only the moment that is now.
   They no good and well that all that they exude is real.

   This vibe is not common, nor possible to tame.
   It's steadfast and full of vigor and light.
   It's plight is simple, to grow stronger and stronger.
   This is the synergy between two.




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