The Giving Of Thanks

  I am always so thankful and full of inner emotion during the holidays. Its just nice to be with those you love under any circumstances no matter what. As I matured, I realized that holidays had so many perspectives the more people you spoke to, so i just broke it down to being grateful and sharing love. With the current climate of our country right now, I wish that we had a weekly Thanksgiving. We sure could use it in a big way.

   The word thanks has one vowel. The rest of it is straight consonants. I liken this to us as human beings. It only takes one person to give thanks and it spreads like a wild brushfire. However, without that one special vowel, which just so happens to the beginning of the alphabet, that word would not be possible. I take the word thanks very seriously because it mean that you have connected with another energy that has taken the time to recognize you and to receive it properly.

   I feel that holidays are way too commercial and push people to feel guilty if they don't empty their bank accounts to acquire things that wont be thought of at all in just a few months most times. I love to give gifts just to give gifts. In truth, if everyone really knew the meaning of most holidays, there would be some slightly different energy around this time. I did not write this to jab at anybody's way of celebrating a holiday thought, I just want to recognize how amazing it feels to be around love ones and to just connect deeply.

   I sat around a table of special people yesterday and we all told the table what we were grateful for and how it was so nice to be there all together. There was no hate or judgement or any conflict whatsoever. I believe that we have the power to do that every day. As a matter of a fact, I absolutely work on that daily and most times I am successful. Nothing is perfect, but the daily intention is always there.

   If you are having a hard time giving thanks to someone for any reason at all, take the leap. It's so worth it and it will truly mean so very much to them. This word can never hurt to say or to show with action. Since there are so many people without and so many people with no one to lean on, there is always something to be thankful for no matter where you are in the world. The magic of thanks is that it never gets old and you can say it as many times as you want to and it sticks.

   In closing, everyone wont tell you how you made them feel or thank you. This does not mean that they don't appreciate you or care for you. Just be the one that dispenses thanks when you feel it. I believe that its that simple. Those who are appreciated more are more inclined to do more good and that just creates more love and compassion all around.  I thank you for reading this blog with all of my soul. I am just one person using his voice. Nothing more and nothing less.



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