Sharing Knowledge

   I gave a very satisfying lesson today. It makes me beyond elated to share my musical knowledge with another person and to watch their joy in understanding what I am offering them from my own experience. I use many analogies that connect with everyday life as well as breaking things down into very small concepts. Its interesting because I have had quite a few teachers in my life as it relates to music and they have all had a completely different style.

  What fascinates me the most is that the teachings that are coming out of my mouth are coming from a place that is somewhere deep inside of me that I didn't fully realize I had. You know those moments when you are talking about a subject or even just recalling an experience and you have so much more to say than you thought you did? That happens to me more and more each time I teach a lesson. Its like I go in with some things on my mind that I want to transmit to the student and then it turns into so much more. Truth be told, I am very much still a student as well.

    Our perception of how much smarter the teacher is than us goes way back to childhood in my opinion. Those moments when you thought that the teacher knew everything. I would look at him or her and just wonder how did they learn all of that stuff? Then to find out later that teachers have lesson plans and that they did not have to memorize all of that information in their heads. I was stunned!! Well, not really but you know what I mean.

     We all seem to underestimate the knowledge that we have right now.The journey that we have been on thus far has blessed us with so much knowledge that we cannot even measure it at times. There are so many people out there who would love to know what you know about a subject that they are just beginning to research or become certified in or anything along those lines. There is so much joy to be had in teaching others. Not everyone can teach though. One of the most frustrating things about teaching is that you need the patience of a priest to stay balanced during the process. So when they don't get it, you have to go in from another angle and keep trying new ways until they get that moment of clarity.

    In closing, I believe that we are all running the same race. We want to prosper, be calm, successful, smart, carefree, and be accepted by the people that we love the most. So if its the same race that we are all a part of, why not reach back and help those who may be a few miles behind you. Just let them know what might be in front of them and how they may be able to handle it. I love to teach because what I offer is everything that I have already been through. Interestingly, I am still going through it from time to time. Some songs still challenge me, my instruments still humble me, my voice still makes me want to be an even better vocalist. I will never stop teaching or learning for as long as I live. After all, they go hand in hand anyway right? Stay open. More knowledge will fall into your lap that way. I promise. Thank you for being here.



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