Longer Than You Think / How Many People Can You Compliment?

  One of the most consistent lessons in my life has been that most things, if not all things take longer than you think they will. I am a planner and I am very punctual as well. However, these things fly right out the window when it comes to the unknown. Now I can arrive on time and then the people who are in charge or that are running an event or a screening or what  have you could start and hour later. I can also plan to be with a student of mine for a complete hour and then they arrive late and that hour becomes 35 minutes. My students lose time when they are late actually. They only get the time allotted for that hour. In that case, it makes them think about being late in the future.

   Anyhow, how many times have you planned to do a project and put a time limit on it, say 2 hours? Then you get 4 phone calls, the doorbell rings, and you forgot that you had to look for some strange thing that you had lost right before the project started. My point is that we cannot control the elements around us, but we can do our part to just be aware that things are shifting. When we carve time out to do something, its inevitable that something will sneak in from the side and distract us almost each and every time.

   Along with planning to do anything, we usually forget to factor in the unseen variables, therefore, time has its way with us. I helped one of my best friends on the planet move yesterday. She needed my help and I know what its like to need help moving. I left my house at 9am to catch a 10am train that took about 35 minutes to get to the destination. From there I was picked up and brought to the location that we would be moving the things from and then to the place where we picked up the truck. About three hours went like a flash of light. The time had started having its way with us.

   We then found out that we could get a ticket for driving on the highway, which forced us to take the local roads, which made it over twice as long of a drive to get to where we were dropping off the contents of the truck. There were more stop lights than I would have liked to encounter. The ride was full of stimulating conversation to say the very least, and the ride actually seemed shorter than it actually was. We unloaded the truck and everything was out of the truck in a quarter of the time that it took to put it in as always. I also helped move some things inside and put a clothing rack together as well.

    Lastly, I was taken for a short bite to eat that started at about 10:15 and ended less that 30 minutes later. I had to make my train that was leaving at 11:02. The trip was 40 minutes back to the city and I wound up getting back at about 12:45 am. The entire day was about 15 hours. You know what the funniest fact about the day was? The most important thing was moving the things in and out of the truck and that was what took the least amount of time. It was all of the extra, detailed, outer core stuff that made the hours go by like Indy 500 race cars. Such is life right?

    Now to complimenting people. I love to find ways to compliment people. Firstly, it's fun, and secondly, it changes the vibration each and every time. I had a phone call with a service person last week. I was inquiring about a storage space. Long story short, the woman was diligent and called me many times during the week. She was pleasant and very much on top of her business. I did not get a storage space with this company, but I did call them to give the courtesy of knowing that I would not be taking it as well. When I called, another woman helped me and she was even nicer! So I told her that her and her associate were really doing a bang up job. I could feel their smiles through the phone and I could tell that they took pride in what they did.

    In closing, I asked where I could leave some nice words about them and she told me how to do it immediately. Most businesses have a Google comments area or Yelp to leave comments these days. I felt good about putting the comments up and hopefully they will be rewarded. Its so refreshing to to do that as many times as I possibly can. How many people can you compliment in one day? Better yet, how many positive comments can you write online each week? The people would have to genuinely have reached you someway, somehow, but you know what I mean. Instead of looking for the weak points, see how often you can highlight the positive points in a service worker. Exposing the magic will never get old or hurt anyone. I can guarantee that. I must go and get some magic sleep. Thank you for taking time to read this far. I appreciate it immensely. Happy "Magic" hunting. I support you.



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