I Like Your Smile

  Has anyone ever told you that they like your smile? This statement has always brought joy to me from the time that I was a very young boy. It has been uttered to me and around me ever since I can remember. I guess I enjoy it because it shows that another person notices something that you may have missed that is actually an asset to your well being. In other words, we all could all use a bit of outside verbal magic.

   I also love this sentence because I find that what seems to be our weakness or not our own particular strengths are actually the things that people regard as our strengths. We all see different things in one another no matter how we slice it. I love that about life in general.

   When I was younger, I was a bit self conscious about the gap in between my teeth. I had not seen too many people with a gap at this point and I thought something was wrong with me. Looking back, I just didn't really ask anyone about it. I kept it to myself and just dealt with it. Then when I was a bit older, I remember asking my dentist if I could get it filled in. He was totally against it and told me not to do it. When I asked why, he told me that it would completely change my entire look.

    Thinking back to that conversation, he actually brought me a fill in to show me how it would look, and he was so right. My entire face looked so different just based on the space between my teeth getting closed up! I was amazed! I could not understand it at all. That situation is something that I will never ever forget.

    There have been so many songs written about smiles over time. They are written in all styles of music about all kinds of people. The one that comes to mind says that you are never fully dressed without a smile. I love that lyric and I could not agree with it more. I see people with anything else but a smile on a daily basis. Granted, they could be so many places in their minds that its unfathomable. I don't judge those without smiles, however, I reserve the right to give them one of mine whenever possible.

    I got a message today that someone that I really care for loves my smile. It affected me more than I thought it would. It was a kind gesture from a person that I have not seen in years. Did they always feel this way or was it something that just came up as they saw me on social media recently? It doesn't really matter what the reasons are at the end of the day. The kindest of words will always reach the center of our souls. I am grateful to have had them directed at me today. Kind words are magic. There could not be a better time for all of us to give and receive more of them. The ball is in our hands. One love.



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