Handling A Tough Day

 When the day does not go your way, what do you do? If you encounter people who have an agenda that is toxic, where do you go? When you feel that certain energy that hits you in a very uncomfortable way, which direction do you turn in? Your answers will most certainly be unique to your own character and that is totally a normal thing. I have my own answers as well.

   Today I was challenged, My challenge came in the form of a person and then in the form pf a situation. Both of these things were completely out of my control, so I was given the invitation to watch how I dealt with each one. Firstly was a woman who is clearly in the service business who treated me like she was in the cattle business. I was not on her radar as I entered, she treated me as if she was doing me a favor. I listened as long as I had to, however I did not receive her treatment in my soul. I let it pass through me like a sharp bone on a chicken wing. That's right, it felt uncomfortable at first, but then it was gone. I remember that sensation from when I was a child.

    Secondly, I arrived at my storage unit and the elevators were all not functioning. So how many people do you think took the a=stairs? Well, the answer is very few. I was one of the stair users and it was an obvious challenge in every sense of the word. I had to go up 3 and 4 flight several times as well as some 7 flight trips as well. This was yet another teachable moment.  My things were heavy and cumbersome to handle. My hands hurt a little bit after wards, yet I did almost everything I had come to do.

   I am spent from today, however, I made it through. I watched my mind today in a very specific way. They were trying to get me. I always say that when I am being challenged. Somehow picturing many people coming after me seems to really describe the feeling best for me. If about 100 people were running after you no matter what and they just would not stop unless you stopped, would you keep running or would you let them catch up to you? Well, if you knew that when they caught up to you they would completely control you and you would have no choices whatsoever, I am sure that you would soldier on.

    My magic moment today was that I once again dug into what is not serving me. I don't mean these situations, I mean the fact that I got rid of some things and got closer to an even more minimalist life. I have so much, but how much of it is truly enriching my existence? I am starting to see more than ever that less is truly more. Follow suit if you feel like you are up for a challenge that could totally change the way that you look at everything. I am experiencing some major shifts right now. Powerful stuff....I am so grateful for it. Keep reminding yourself of how limitless you are. It really is one of life's greatest truths.Reach out to me if you need a wingman. I got you.



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