AJ And The Yoga Dancing Goddess

  Sooooooooooooo. That was on purpose. As I was walking through Soho last week, I had a very heart opening 30 minutes or so. I walked a different way as I do many times, just to have a unique experience on a street that i may not be familiar with already. Each and every time that I do this, something happens or I discover a new something or other.

   On this day I walked a few random blocks that took me on a slight detour from my destination and found myself in front of a very well known yoga studio. I decided to go in because I had never actually been inside. I actually walked into the store and front desk area. I found out later that classes took place on another level. As I walked in, I immediately recognized the young man that worked there! He was very fit as he always is, so very polite and well spoken, and lastly one of the most androgynous men I have ever seen in my entire life. This guy could wear a skirt as easily as he could wear jeans and a t shirt, and both looks made him look amazing.

   Just a little back story. I had met this guy years ago  just walking down the street. I had to stop him and let him know that what he was wearing was off the chain. I mean it was so original and over the top that I could not waste the opportunity to tell him. Then I saw him in not one, but two different magazines. Apparently, someone else had noticed his brilliant fashion sense as well. Then lastly, I saw him at a very trendy clothing store as a sales associate. This guy is a true original.

   So we see each other, he greets me and recognizes me instantly. I tell him that I have not seen him in so long. He was happy to see me too and we exchange pleasantries. After about 3 minutes, I hear a familiar voice say my name in question form. The woman that peaked her head out was an amazing dancer and fantastic artist. She also was working at this location. So we began our triad conversation speaking about everything from yoga, to fashion, to the election. We had such a great synergy, that I did not want the conversation to end. We were all so complimentary to each other as well. This woman is a short but mighty presence with caramel skin and an aura that could instantly light up a dark room. Her smile, eyes, and warm nature is just divine.

   This meeting was just magic to me. There I was in the middle of two people that I have the utmost respect for and they actually knew each other while I had no idea that the both of them knew me. They are both training to become yoga instructors and they invited me to come and practice with them. It was all love and tenderness for that 30 or so minutes. We exchanged information and even told each other that we should get together soon, on purpose.

    We never know who we will run into and for what reason. You cannot prepare for it, you can only prepare yourself from the inside out. I remind myself of this daily. I have no doubt that that interaction was fully meant to happen. I give all the grace to my gut and the universe that lead me into that yoga studio front desk area. I had not planned to go there or even on that street for that matter. That reminds me of a saying that I heard a long time ago. It says that things don't just happen, they happen just. Keep your eyes and your heart open and your gut will always guide you. I feel that in a way that I cannot even fully explain. Here's to heart opening happenings.



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