A Goals Introspective

  I have been thinking, researching, and working on the many ways to keep up with my goals since I was at least 19. I have read books, listened to audios, and even heard live speakers go deep into the subject. I can say that the subject is not really the most comfortable for the majority of human beings. Why would that be do you think? I guess there are a number of valid reasons that are of course unique to each individual.

   Today during my daily personal development audio session, I was once again given some gems on this topic. The one thing that stuck in my mind was when he said that his mentor agreed to work with him, and then asked him to show him his list of goals. When he replied that he did not have a list of goals, he told him that if he did not have a list of goals that he could guess how much money he had in his account within $100 dollars. Now of course goals are not just about money at all. He was just making a point that really hit home for me. It's strange, but somehow today it affected me in a way that it had not in the past.

    So I thought about this in a pretty detailed fashion today. Lets start with women in general. Mostly every woman that I have ever been really close to as a friend or a partner, always plans what shoes they will wear to a particular event. As a matter of a fact, they know the outfit as well. They make sure that they are making the right impact on the place that they are going to no matter what. Men, in general, will always plan to watch a game or to show up for a certain woman when she is going to be passing by or in the vicinity. We, meaning my team, also seem to plan or make time for any activity that brings like minds together and pumps testosterone through the air at rapid speeds.

    The reason that I brought up all of those things is that most people seem to not be as meticulous with the future and what they could plan to achieve. I learned a long time ago that whatever you write down on paper sends a more direct signal to your brain and to your subconscious mind. I was fascinated with this fact, so I tried it. Bottom line, it worked over and over again. To this day, I write my daily goals in a special book that I have and I am always more productive when I carry it with me and cross off things after they are done. This stuff really works and it gives me joy to complete things in general.

     There was a study done quite some time ago that tracked college students as they were leaving school. It was said that about 3% of the students had goals when they left college. They were tracked I believe 5 to 10 years later, and those 3% were the most successful out of all of the students. Was that a mistake? I think not. Listen, this stuff is so much fun, I promise you. Don't wait until New Year's Eve. Oh by the way, a very small percentage of New year's resolutions are ever kept. By March, most people are back to their normal regiment. I personally have never met a person that actually writes them down. I am not saying that they don't, I am just saying that I have never seen it.

     So in closing, I would like to set forth a challenge to you. I will create a new goal list in the am tomorrow. This list will be a 6 month list as well as a separate lifetime list. I will share it with whomever wants to see it and I will gladly receive yours as well. Let's be cause in the matter for helping each other towards our goals. You can send your list to afiresign@mac.com with the subject line: GFN6M (Goals for next 6 months). All you have to do is write down 5 attainable goals and the reward that you will get from achieving them. Keep it very simple like this:

50 sit ups per day/ after 6 months a flat and hard stomach
Save at least $500 / Buy those new shoes that I want
Write a thank you note per week / Set up a new flow of positive energy.You get the point.

     I will send a special gift to any one in the world that does this and stays the course for six months while tracking their activity. I will explain further in depth to whomever joins me. I must hear from you no later than Dec.1

     My mind is bursting with so much newness and so much propulsion. I want to share it with all of you and I want to take a ride along with you as well. Let's do this!! Thank you for being here as always.




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