Those Who Raise Us Higher

 I am not sure that I have ever actually wrote down what it means to me when others stimulate me to be a better human being. These are the people that just show up as they are and make you feel like you need to do better on your path. They just spread light in a way that they are not even aware of each an every time that they are around you. I see them as spiritual growth catalysts. These people are doing things that make the earth move a certain way. They are what makes us proud to be in their space no matter when it is. I am so very moved by them and I cannot say enough about them .

  Today I spoke to a friend of mine who is singlehandedly responsible for bringing at least 15 to 25 of this caliber of person into my life over a ten year period. Things like this just happen gradually, and before you know it, you are surrounded by greatness and it feels so good. Now of course, what I see in these people directly connects with what I see in myself, or it would not affect me in such a profound way. Do you believe that all that you see in others is a direct reflection of what is inside of you? Give that one a few minutes to settle into your cranium.

    So I gave thanks to this person because he and I have been on a truly beautiful journey together. We were roommates many years ago and we exchanged many words and insights that are still with me to this day. In many ways we were polar opposites, yet we both possessed a strong hunger to be self sufficient through our art and interactions with the world. Now he is at another level as he has entered the world or parenting. He now serves as a role model 24 hours per day and seems to be moving very swiftly towards his dreams. I can goes as far as saying that he moves even stronger in the direction of his dreams than he did in the beginning of our union. That says so very much.

    Once again, through him I have met several high level thinking artists and straight up Bad asses! For the record, I have never used that word live in front of anyone, so you know I am serious!
Anyhow, what a gift it is to be moved and stimulated by another person that may not even know that they have done so. These people are traveling all over the world and affecting thousands of people. Some of them are staying right here in NYC and they are know everywhere. Some do not live here anymore, yet their presence is felt so strong in so many ways. When an artist inspires me, I cannot shake it, because it inspires me daily until I create and equal vibe within myself. That in turn pushes me to do better, dream bigger, and to live louder.

     I challenge you to think more about the affect you have on others than you do about the shortcomings that you possess. This will give you a whole new lease on life. I am so grateful to these people and I tell as many of them as I can as many times that I can. They make it so easy for me to walk around in this world and I truly hope that I do the same for them. In closing, always keep in mind, that a strong character with integrity and compassion, will never keep another person down or get in their way of flourishing. They will only look for ways to raise them up. Actually, if you are raising up someone else, its kind of difficult to concentrate on you. That's not a negative statement, just to be clear. I just mean that it is so freeing to know that you have helped another soul get higher and then you can watch them climb and climb and climb. The fruits of our labor speak volumes of course.

    Thank you for being here... Chase Steele Greye


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