Flight / Standing Your Ground / Solid Love

  I traveled over this past weekend. While i was in the plane, I was once again fascinated by how this huge piece of steel and computers and so forth just controls the air around it and takes off several thousands of times per day. The people inside are going to different places to see different people and in between time they are all taking care of their business dealings, watching movies, tending to their children, sleeping, and some are even loathing the entire experience. As for me, I love to travel more than I can explain with the finest of words.

   During my flight I became consumed with the process of how people board and how they leave the plane. Of course it was yet another reminder that whatever we do affects others too. There was a woman who held up the entire line because her bags were actually behind her a few rows. There was another man who had trouble getting his luggage out of the overhead compartment, so he set the line back about 30 seconds. Then I thought to myself, why couldn't someone design a luggage turnstile in the plane. This way when people are getting off, they just grab their bags as it moves around and then they won't hold up anything. But there are holes in that idea as well of course. So why could there not be 4 or 6 doors on an airplane that all lead to one walkway? This way may people could get off at the same time. My mind was really moving at a rapid pace.

    Lastly, I thought about all of the ways that the airlines get us to spend more money. You can buy food, entertainment, or even more legroom on your flight. For a mere $16, you can be more comfortable. But if you really want to be respected and taken care of for the entire flight, just fly first class for triple the cost and you will get anything that you want. I watched the flight attendant through  the transparent fabric, and she never stopped moving it seemed. I have always felt that you actually have a solid business if you treat everyone as if they are very special. However, I guess for some obvious reasons, there are always levels of treatment in many areas of our lives. I think its time for someone to build a plane that allows each passenger to sit or lay back completely flat for one rate. Either way, flying is still so magical to me. I enjoy it thoroughly every time.

    I am sure that I have written about standing your ground a few different times for a few different reasons. As I mature, I realize that we all have our gifts and our powerful assets that should not be disrespected. Whatever you do, it is being monitored by someone, and quite frankly, they are asking themselves how much are you truly worth? I'll keep this very succinct. I was called to exhibit my talent for a party. When asked if I was available, I replied,"yes". I then told this particular person that I would confirm if my rate was given to me for this event. They told me that they would get back to me within the week. They did not get back to me and I let it go from my mind. They contacted me about 2 weeks later or less and asked if I would reconsider doing it at a lower rate. I declined and let them know that my rate was firm. Some more time went by and today I was contacted and told that my rate would be honored. That was the short version, trust me.

     A great friend and I spoke about this situation and we both agreed that who we are and what we possess from an integrity and worth point of view is all that we have. Before I received that call, I was open on that day, and after I hung up, I was still open. Some would say that I made a bad move, because I could have had some money instead of none. That is a valid point in the mind of another human being, but not in mine this time. Every one has a price. Every person has a breaking point. Every person will pay for what they want no matter what it is. How are people buying paintings for 1.5 million dollars? They want the painting. That is it. The money is not the issue, the value and sense of worth that they will get from owning it is where the magic is. Just as I said before, if you want first class, you pay for it. Who would ask for more money in this life? The person that feels that he or she is worth it. Each and every person that I have respected on the highest level has had such a respect and sense of worth for themselves. The formula is almost always the same. Treat yourself as if you are worth miles more than mediocre and people will believe it if you are practicing what you preach. I have never met one person who says that they are top level or worth more and then they drop the ball and still get respect. There is so much growth potential in this concept. I realized today that my many years of hard work had paid off handsomely. I stood my ground. This was not the first time at all. It was just a memorable situation because I never felt the need to waiver. That was magic to me.

     I love to write about love. I have had it, lost it, seen it from a far, longed for it, pushed it away, and even wanted to distance myself from it on a very rare occasion. But no matter what, you will never mistake solid love. This is the love that will never shake itself from you. The love that always lets you know that you have made an impression that will never be tarnished. The love that never fails to tell you that you have made a very strong impression and that you are recognized as such. I have seen this from the outside many times and I have felt it in my heart a few times. I used to think that it came into your heart a specific way. Now I know that it has more ways of reaching you than you could ever imagine. Each person loves differently because each person has had different scars while traveling on different paths. It's fascinating and a bit strange how a person can profess their love for someone and then within a few short months feel as if that very same person is like an itchy rash on their private parts.

      In closing, the biggest thing that I have learned about love is that we cannot label it or expect it to travel a certain way each and every time that it leaves the station. You can love anyone from anywhere at any time if the correct stimuli reaches the center of your aorta. When it dances, you cannot control it. When it calls to you, you cannot ignore it. I am writing tonight in praise of solid love. If you are experiencing it right now or you have ever felt it, you are fortunate and probably deserving of it as well. Solid love is not only between lovers, it can be between friends as well. I am more than blessed to have it around me from many different people. Deep down in the core of us, I believe that we all deserve it. Are you experiencing solid love? Are you capable of giving solid love? Do you hold solid love in high regard? True love is solid. That's my story and I am sticking to it. May solid love find you in due time.




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