The Solid Friend

    We all have at least one. That person who is standing for you no matter what. He or she lets you know by their actions and they never stop being the rock that they are. Then on top of that all, they even tell you how much they believe in you and are completely there for you. None of us are perfect, so they even keep showing up when times get a little rough and rugged. So why don't we have more people like this around us? My personal perspective is that we should work on being the solid friend before we expect to have one that is solid.

     I have a friend who in my opinion is as solid as can be. We speak about many topics and we stretch them out and push them in many directions. If they feel as though they need to speak of something that is a little bit low energy or maybe not nice about someone, there is always a few words to preface it which softens the blow. Lastly, they always speak graciously in general about how incredible our friendship is. All of these things make me so very comfortable. When there is no need for any sort of push or pull, it usually does not show up.

      The most fascinating thing about this person is that I have not known them more than 4 years. In such a short time, we have built a massively strong bond that seems to always flourish during every conversation. I have known people for over 10 years that have somehow decided that they would silence our connection based on some strange and unverified equation that just rules their brains and destroys the friendship.

      In closing, the solid friend is a gem. It's a diamond in the rough. It's something that we cannot get enough of no matter how long that we live. I am blessed to have a healthy amount of solid friends and you would think that this fact alone would be the shield from a life of people who just would rather just not be solid. We don't have to waste time with them. The truth is that they will always be there and they always show up as different people. We must be careful to not let them damage our version of being solid.

      Thank you to all of my solid friends. Surely you know who you are...



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