The Magic In Conflict

    This has been a truly challenging summer. I did not write over the summer because my soul told me to deal with all that came to me without judging or trying to over dissect it. Had I written about it, I feel as though it may had swallowed me whole and made me a little bit heavy.So here I am, back on track, and full of stories that I hope reach you in the most profound ways.

     I believe that with each and every conflict, a piece of wisdom accompanies it. There is a person that I know, who will remain nameless, that has a conflict right now. My gut deep down tells me that this person has such a strong story as to why this conflict exists, that they are not going to be rid of this sensation until they do. As I watch from the sidelines, I realize that I was exactly where they were quite a few years ago. My mind would not let me understand why I was in this predicament. Then later on, I realized that I was the captain of that ship the entire time.

     There are some unhealthy amounts of conflict going on right now. I would never delve into those topics on an intimate level here. However, all of this conflict has made me look up and in the opposite direction. The magical thing is that the more I seek the higher grounds, the more that they show themselves to me. Just today I was using public transportation. I noticed a man holding a child and a stroller that was folded up. He was preparing to leave the vehicle and he could not open up the stroller while still holding his small child. The woman who was standing in front of him reached out and helped him without being asked. I was behind him and as the vehicle came to a short stop, his body jerked back and I put my hand on his back so that he did not fall. He was taken care of in front of himself as well as behind his back. This is the way that we create change and erase conflict. He thanked both of us and left the bus.

     Another kind of conflict is when you are close to an energy that always seems to want to take you with them on a very unsafe journey into the land of negative. They are going through something that they would love to include you in. The problem with all of this though, is that it was not created by you, nor do you want to connected to it t all. So wheres the compassion right? Can you do something for them? Are you equipped to raise them up a little bit and not hurt yourself? These are the questions that go through my head almost daily. You may have heard the saying that misery loves company before. Well, positivity loves a partner too!!! I recently got a dose of true magic when I was able to dodge a bullet that was strategically shot in my direction. I just knew that it wasn't meant for me and so I let it take its course without incident. It is that easy? No, but you can learn to recycle conflict into a smile and a deep breath.

      We all have conflict and we all deal with it differently. Your conflict has been the guest of many people before you. They may not have told you about it, acted like it was present, or even acknowledged it at all. However, there are no ups without downs, no wins without losses, no frowns without smiles right behind it. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to infuse yourself with the light, love, and respect for your power. Conflict does not like meeting up with any of those. Protect yourself from all that does not serve you. Stay in vibration. Peace



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