John The Thrift Store Man / Pt. 1

     I don't write much about my spending money on clothes. This is probably because I have more clothing than any red blooded make should ever have. Over the years with the help of my father, I have amassed quite the collection of suits, shoes, cuff links and so on and so forth. There is something about going into a store that may seem as though it was filled with junk, and come out with a diamond.

     Some of my most treasured clothing was found at stores that most men would never step foot in. Many of them are very high end quality and you would never question if it had been purchased at a normal retail store or not. I like clothing that is strong enough to outlast me and still look good. My love for French cuffs, nice buttons on jackets and pants, and if course shoes is unstoppable.

      Now a couple of days ago, I had ventured off into a thrift shop that is in my neighborhood, so to speak. I had been there a few times and just browsed with no intention of buying anything. However, this time I was in search of a nice vest to wear with my outfit. I hit the jackpot!!!! I walked out with 3 for the price of one. They were all clean and classy, just how I like it. It was a successful trip. What I didn't mention before is that I had gone to one before this one too. Nothing moved me.

       Right before I tried on the vests, I placed my bag on a nearby rack so that I could be hands free. I tried them on rapidly and loved each one of them. I then decided to quit while I was ahead. I was a bit behind the eight ball and could not slow down because I had to be at a gig in 2 hours. I was moving rapidly and made sure that all was in place. Keys, cords, suit, mic, earplugs, and a bottle of water. That entire 4 or so hours of doing many things throughout the day was coming to a hold.I had just realized that my bag was not on my person and I had to leave for my......... Continued tomorrow.




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