John The Thrift Shop Man Pt.2

      To continue from yesterday, I realized that I did not have my bag. This bag was a messenger bag. Inside of it was my two day timers, A large ring of important keys, 85 dollars in cash, a card case, and a book by Thich Nhat Hanh.I remembered also that each day timer has my info in it as well as a little fun statement about the karma that comes from giving things back when you find them.

      Just to be clear, I actually did not need anything that was in the bag for me gig. I closed my eyes and spoke softly to myself that this bag will be found. Just knowing that made me feel so much better. I did arrive safely at my gig and I let it rest until the morning.

      So here it is. I retraced my steps and all roads pointed to this clothing store that I was in. All of a sudden, I got clarity and I was certain in my gut that it would be there. Just to be sure, I called two places that I had gone in. They both did not pick up. One was closed until 11, the other was just about to open. I decided to go in person.  When I arrived, there was a man there named John. I was about to ask him if he found a bag,  and then I looked down and there it was! My bag was behind the counter and he told me that another person had found it yesterday.  I was elated and grateful all at once. He told me it was just as I had left it. I then looked in it and it was all there, even the cash.

      The reason why I am writing this post is because of what John said after I picked up my bag. He said, " Well this bag did not belong to us, it is yours, and we were going to just let it be until someone claimed it". He also just had a way of being kind and affectionate without any ego or secret story. We spoke for almost 30 minutes after I found my bag. I asked him to allow me to buy lunch, he declined. He kept telling me that this was not something that he wanted a price for at all. Thank you is fine.

      It was refreshing not only to get the bag back, but to know that human beings are all around us that care. In the midst of a chaotic time here in NYC, this man made it clear that you can do what's right without any interruption. He smiled quite a bit, had great energy, and I told him that I would be back again and again. You know how you can just feels goodness from some people without question? This guy was the guy. I also told him how many wallets or phones I have found and that I got such a rush from returning them.

       In closing, I was moving too fast and I had to slow down and reset to truly see it. Things are things and had I not recovered this bag, I would have been just fine. It just that I think we all need that nudge from time to time to let us know that the details matter. On a side note, I found this bag that I temporarily misplaced yesterday in Manhattan years ago. It's sturdy, cool looking, and functional. We all go too fast from time to time. It just never seems like the right time to go too fast in your mind if you know what I mean. Slow and steady really does usually win the race..

       There are good people everywhere. Believe that.



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