Double Vulnerability Pow Wow

   Today was a powerful day. I had to conversations with two people that I love and respect. These two people are on the brink of changing their lives for the better.  They both feel as though they are playing too small and too safe. They both have ever so graciously asked me to hold them accountable as they begin their journey to a higher ground.

    Now outside of this being tremendously humbling, there are teachable moments everywhere in this equation. I have the gift of transferring much of my artistic experience over to a woman who just wants to release all of her creative energy into a one woman show. She is vibrant, good looking, talented, and so very driven. The only issue is that he inner voice has been sabotaging her for years. She admitted it to me and I told her that this is more than common.

     So after the tears were shed, unexpectedly, I gave her a hug and in an instant she took it as if I was reading the tears as a negative thing. I was in fact just comforting her because I thought she was being too hard on herself. All in all, the hour long theme of our meeting was vulnerability. How vulnerable she was and how she wanted to step out of that place and into a stronger mindset. She is interested in doing that which she is most afraid of as soon as possible.

      My second interaction was with a friend of over 20 years. She is just sick and tired of not being a straight up go getter and is just tired of wasting time overall living small. I am creating a project with her that she has wanted to do for over 5 years now. Actually even more than that. She knows exactly what to do, but the bus never leaves the station. I believe when you ask a person to hold you accountable, that is when the real ride begins. So if you push them just enough to create a different paradigm, then they are truly destined to achieve great things. As the saying goes, if you want access to anything that you desire, you must help others to get what they want as well. I love this sentence.

      The ironic thing about this posting is that I wrote it to make sure that I am connected to my own vulnerability as well. Am I stepping out to build the necessary tools to overcome my vulnerable sides? I have been thinking about the voices in my head too. The one thing that is evident is that we can not teach anything without being taught ourselves in the process. So much newness right now. I am so very grateful. Sending colossal good vibes to you.



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