Recognizing The Funk / Another Mistake Another Lesson

  Well, I will not harp on this, however, what comes to mind when you hear the word "funk"? Is it James Brown? A person sitting next to you on the train that seemed to have lost their way to the bathroom that day? Maybe it makes you think of a certain reference works group that is very popular? Maybe it takes you straight to Prince or Bootsy Collins? Well, those did not make the cut this time. I am referring to when you or I are operating at a lower level than usual. When it happens, do you truthfully recognize it and do something about it?
   Think about that last paragraph in your own time and answer yourself truthfully. You will get wine great information for sure. When our vibration changes around ourselves, it is evident each and every time. I mean let's face it, who knows us better than ourselves. I also feel that there is a redeeming quality that grows out of the funk. I believe that it cleanses you and allows you to do better the next time. When something drags us down, there is nowhere to go but up. Transitions, diversions, detours, pit stops, and forks in the road, all allow us to refuel in one way or another. That's my story and its sticking to me. I always wanted to write that sentence in a different way.

   If we had it our way, we would probably makes zero mistakes and hit everything in the mark. Now of course all of the high level thinkers would probably laugh at that sentence and say the exact opposite. However, it takes some integrity to take a hit and admit it. So to make a long story short, I paid for a service that I will no longer need for right now. I was planning on letting it go on the first. Unfortunately, my contract states that if I want to stop the service, I'll need to give them 10 days advance notice of pay for the following month as well. Their service, their rules. Well, if you look at today's date, you can see that I have missed that boat. I did not see that part of the contract. I had to take responsibility.

    In closing, I chose to look at my mistake as a blessing, I have one more month to enjoy this service. It has served me well and diminished a large portion of possible mental stress. So although it will cost me a few dollars, I have to work it and suck the marrow from it if you will. My challenge to myself is to treat everything that way. We are not here to allow others to decide how we feel or what are reactions will be. Own your mistakes and strive to correct them. We are all magnificent works in progress. All that is before us was allowed in by us. We have our own notes from each and every situation. What a gift that is. I am fully back and charged up!! Believe in you first, no matter what.



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