Names Remembered

  I am completely fascinated with remembering names. I have found that this simple gesture creates such harmony with others as well as a lightness that never goes away. The more names you don't forget, the more comfort you will find in the world. I seem to remember hearing someone tell me at a very early age, that the sound of our own name is one of the most soothing sounds we can ever hear. I agree triple fold.

   So there is a place that I love to go to that serves Trinidadian food. More specifically, they serve a delicacy called "doubles". I have become crazy about them in a short time. The flavor is sweet, yet they have a little bite or tingle to them as well. Their menu board is full of many other things as well, however, I have not made my way to all of them as of yet. I also love the sorrel that they serve. I was confused to see that there, because I was of the mind that sorrel was Jamaican. I obviously have done research to do.

   Each time that I have been in this place, the girl behind the counter has been so in control of the place that it got my attention. They have a system that works great. One person at the register and taking orders, and one or two people making the food in the back. The woman who takes your order also gives it to you in the order that it was received. So she keeps going left and right. Great system, it works.

   I had to compliment her on not only keeping two separate lines moving smoothly, but also smiling, being friendly, and also not paying attention to rude customers who felt that they had been waiting too long and pushing to the front to check on their order. I remembered her name and she was so surprised and happy to hear it come out of my mouth. She welcomed me back, took my order, and moved forward to the next person.

    After a kind farewell, I realized that she had given me a free sorrel and a sample of one of the menu items that I was curious about. Great woman. Just for the record, I remembered her name by thinking of the first thing that came to my mind when she told me her name for the first time. This little anchor will guarantee that I will never forget it. Of course it rhymes with a song. Great woman. Great food. Great interaction. Great day.. Be well



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