I See You Queen

 She shows up each and every time like the queen of the world. I mean I don't think that she really wants to be the queen, she just wants to be regarded as such. Boy is she a head turner. I watch men stare at her whenever I see her. To be fair, she is quite attractive. Her figure moves in tandem with the aura that supports it. The down side is that I don't believe that she feels beautiful at all.

  We speak cordially each and every time, except for that one time, but now it's water under the bridge, for me anyway. I feel her urge to want control of the room as much as she humanly possibly can. That means control of the men and women. If she could, I believe she would control who took a breath and when. That sounds as controlling as you think it is. I do believe that it's true though, just for the record.

   Is this a negative posting? Not at all. It's merely an honest one where I get to vent without actually outwardly showing it. The silent treatment can be so perfect at times. It allows you the time to simmer and study. Then afterward, you can choose your words very meticulously. It's true that there is not a person in earth that can truly get under your skin unless you let them. The catch is that sometimes we willingly let them, just so we can show them what we got afterwards. Not this time though. I study, meditate on it, and let it take its course.

    If you truly know who you are, then you know when and how you say what you did to whomever. Therefore, you have to recognize that the cancer does not in fact exist between your walls. However, if you treat it like it is, it will soon be demanding a parking spot, free of charge.

     In closing, you are not the sum of other people's expectations or a springboard for under par reactions. I believe we should all walk out into the world like you were just given a clean bill of health each and everyday. Those who disagree with that statement will proceed on their way and show up in the world however they like. They deserve to be in control of that. If you stole something that had a rancid smell, would you be willing to carry it all alone or would you smear it on there so that they can be suspects as well? I think you can feel where I went with that. In this case, there was an attempt to smear me, but I quickly walked in another direction. I feel better now. Cryptic story right? There has to be a few here and there, just for balance. Thanks for reading..


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