Noticing Those Who Are Unimpressed

  First of all, thank you for reading these words. I have been processing some things around me and I have taken my pen away from the pad for the past however long it's been. Based on the title of this blog, I am careful what I expose here. There is magic in every one of my days for sure. The bigger truth is that there have been many days in the previous months that have made me ponder, rework, challenge, and even ignore some of my thoughts. This is positive for sure. I am back now.

   This title above came to me because I love to watch my native New Yorkers that truly try their best to ignore those around them that are irritating the crap out of them. You just see so much here in NYC that is distracting, raw, and consistent, that you have to take it all in with 3 grains of salt. I know it's usually one, but in a city that repeated its name twice, three will suffice!!!!

    So there he was. He entered the train spewing lyrics to a Tupac Shakur song. It lasted for at least 5 minutes, so maybe it was two songs. Anyhow, before he entered, the train was quiet. He had turned it into a Tupac masterclass and he was completely oblivious to the fact that he was forcing this on everyone in the train.

    There was every kind of race in this particular car. However, an Asian man was within 3 feet of him and he was about as patient as a priest with him. He kept darting his eyes over and then looking back. Then he looked up and to his opposite side a few times too. It was clear that he did not enjoy. This mans rendition if this iconic hip hop tune. Then shortly afterwards, he got up and turned his back to him so as to not hear him so directly.

    I enjoyed this scene because it showed how the passionate person does not stop what they are doing to appease the others. A passionate person draws their own line in the street and then rides on it. He had his hands up and he was in a seated position. This music drove him and he did not have to
explain anything to anyone.

    So you see, the irritating things have a place too. There were about 45 people on that train. Not one complained at all or tried to get him to stop. When you have your headphones on and your absolute favorite song comes on, are you afraid that others will hear you if you belt out the words? Would you care if anyone was offended or if you had just disturbed anyone? Living out loud costs. It's not free at all.

     In closing though, I am so grateful for those who leave it all on the table. They rattle us, tempt us, remind us that we are not sticking out necks out far enough. Time to stretch out a little bit farther..

                                                                               Chase Greye.



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