First Impression

   We see people and then we decide. If they are having a bad day or they are not fully themselves, or they are just completely rude, we see that first. There are really no do overs when it comes to first impressions. Being in the field that I am, all of this is beyond familiar for me.

    I watched and listened to 3 female singers today. I was asked what I thought of them and why? I had nothing to go on but the first impression. However, in my soul, I knew that none of them were completely on their game. This is the business though. Turn it up when there is nothing there and no reason to turn up the volume. In other words, always dance like someone is always watching, because they are. No one gets to make a first impression more than once.

    My heart and soul were open as I watched all three women. They were all different, yet they all cannot the position. This business is basically built to keep others out. So the rejection is very much like a white glove test on some level. If there is dirt on the glove after the hand goes across the table, even if you don't know how it got there, you are responsible for it. It's not fair, but that's how it goes.

     The magic today came in the form of me appreciating the ups and downs of both sides. You are either looking or being looked at and that is that. Scrutiny can come from both ends. The trick is to have enough balance and grace to exist on either side. If you prefer to be in one side more than the other, then you have to work really hard at it and the journey never ends. I am grateful to be on this lifetime balancing act. It's both humbling and fulfilling. I have never been able to truly hide from either perspective. I chose the right profession. May the force be with you..



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